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San Francisco University — a leading Jesuit university — is a representation of the multicultural, empowering, creative community surrounding it. They provide an intensely personal and intellectually demanding education for students from all backgrounds.


To use reason is similar to faith, knowledge and spirituality. Their students see the universe with a feeling of wonder and reverence, and a desire for responses to the most difficult issues in the world.


When we're talking about values at USF, what we're talking about is who we are and what matters to us. So explaining who we are and what matters to us means addressing three things: cura personalis (care of the entire person), loving and making relationships for us, and a dedication to diversity in all its aspects — economic , political, and theological (to mention only a few).


Cura personalis — care for the entire person — defines the reverence we have for the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and autonomy of each adult.


When you leave USF with a pledge to still remember the least of us, you 're evidence that our task is being carried out.


At USF, they see mixtures of elegance. They find wealth in our divergences. They use our debates to spark ideas. They find meaning in the goodness we all bear. Their strength lies in the diversity they provide. Their students have a rare ability to view the environment from a range of viewpoints and because of this, they are better off. Jesuit tradition defines the learning approach of USF, and their commitment to welcoming students of all faiths and no faiths. Their vision and purpose are the pillars of our university, and they represent our institution's common values.


San Francisco University should be known globally as a leading Jesuit Catholic, metropolitan university with a global outlook that educates citizens who can create a more compassionate and just environment. The university's main goal is to uphold the Jesuit Catholic heritage of study. The university offers the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as persons and professionals to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and the values and sensitivity needed to be men and women for others.


The institution must differentiate itself as a dynamic, socially conscious, high-quality scholarship and intellectual rigor learning culture supported by a religion that does right. The university should build on the San Francisco Bay Area's cultural , scientific, and economic capital and its position on the Pacific Rim to expand and improve its educational programmes.


Jesuit Catholic tradition considers faith and reason as complementary resources in the search for truth and authentic human development and welcomes persons of all faiths or religious beliefs as university partners; the freedom to pursue the truth and the responsibility to follow the evidence to its conclusion, Training as a humanizing, not a physical practice but social activity; A mutual purpose that transcends the desires of persons or groups; and rational dialogue, not manipulation, as the rule for decision-making;


Diversity of perspectives , experiences and traditions as essential components in our global context of quality education; Excellence as a training, internship, artistic speech and support quality to the university community; Social duty in carrying out the University's task of developing, transmitting and adapting information to a planet inhabited by all human beings and respected by future generations; The moral dimension of every major human choice: taking seriously how and who we choose to be in this world; Complete and integral creation of each person and of all people, with the conviction that no entity or community can prosper at the cost of others;

This amazing educational institution is conveniently located near some of Danville’s other top schools. Make sure to check them out on your next visit: 


  • University of California, Berkeley

  • Diablo Valley College

  • Saint Mary's College of California

  • Stanford University

  • California State University East Bay Concord Campus

  • California College of the Arts

  • Mills College

  • Las Positas College


After visiting these lovely schools make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

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