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Top Universities Near Danville, California

Known as the "golden state" since the gold rush in the mid-1800s, California has drawn people from all over the globe with its pledge of prosperity and riches. The relaxed, welcoming reputation of the state, and the powerhouse tech industry make it a top destination for foreign students. The internet, personal computers and the film industry all have origins in California and the state has a reputation as a radical, innovative place which welcomes new people and new ideas.

The state university system in California is the largest in the world, with nearly 430,000 students. The state has several public and private universities of world renown, including Stanford University, California College of Technology, Southern California University, University of California , Los Angeles, and University of California, Berkeley.

The Town of Danville is in Contra Costa County , California, in the San Ramon Valley. It is one of California's incorporated municipalities that uses "town" instead of "city" in its name The population at 2010 census was 42,039. Danville was named "California's safest city" in 2020.

The 94506 from Danville is the 14th wealthiest zip code in America, according to Industry Insider. Danville is one of Oakland and San Francisco 's wealthiest outlying areas. Danville also ranks with a population of at least 40,000 as the 2nd highest-income place in the US. This is host to some of the San Francisco Bay Area's most costly real estate in the United States. Danville's 94506 still has the fourth largest number of six-figure wage earners in the country, with 78 percent of Danville households paying for at least six-figure salaries, according to CNN Money.

Danville is close to many universities and colleges. The two most notable universities are Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley both considered one of the world's most prestigious universities. The Bay Area has two of the U.S.'s twenty-eight Jesuit universities: Santa Clara University (founded in 1851), and San Francisco University (1855); they are also two of California's three oldest institutions. The sixth, San Jose State University, is the California State University (CSU) system 's founding campus, and is the oldest public higher education institution on the US West Coast. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco created Saint Mary 's College of California in 1863.


Stanford University is the top ranking institution in America, and University of California Berkeley is the lowest rated public university institution. In Los Angeles , San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco.


California has 280 colleges and universities which enroll 1,389,689 full-time students in state higher education institutions.

Below are some of Danville’s other top schools. Make sure to check them out on your next visit: 


  • University of California, Berkeley

  • Diablo Valley College

  • Saint Mary's College of California

  • Stanford University

  • California State University East Bay Concord Campus

  • California College of the Arts

  • Mills College

  • Las Positas College

  • University of San Francisco


After visiting these lovely schools make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

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