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5 Tips To Maintain Your New Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic lawn is a great investment for your home. However, living in artificial grass means that you have to take care of it too. Whether installing residential artificial turf or just interested in how best to maintain their current installation, here are five tips guaranteed to make sure the synthetic lawn stays green year-round with low maintenance.

5 Tips To Maintain Your New Synthetic Lawn

Tip# 01. Frequent Rinsing

It is very important to rinse the synthetic lawn regularly to keep it clean and avoid clumping or matting of fibers which can cause a tripping hazard, particularly around pool entries and other high-traffic areas. You can use an attachment on your hose nozzle for this purpose; simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for rinsing with water once per week until there are no longer any traces of soap left when you run your fingers through the grass blades.

Tip# 02. Brushing Regularly

The process of brushing will help remove the dirt and debris from your lawn. It is important to do this regularly as well so that you can maintain its beauty and quality over time. This may seem like an easy task at first but it does take up much more energy than what we think to get done with it quickly for many people. At least once every week or two should be enough, depending on how frequently you use your lawn during certain times of year or season such as summertime activities outside such as picnics and camping trips or more. In which case daily would be recommended. Don't forget to make sure if there are any rocks or large objects stuck underneath before rolling anything new since those very same objects can cause serious damage to the lawn if you don't.

Tip# 03. Pick Up Pet Waste

If you have a pet, there's no way around this tip except to scoop it up every time your animal goes potty outdoors. This is especially important for children and pets because they are outside so often playing in the yard or going on walks together. A quick bag of waste while out strolling will help keep everyone safe from harmful bacteria that flourish in moist grassy areas where feces accumulate. In addition to being unsightly, dog poop can also be hazardous if not picked up regularly by owners who dispose of it properly using special bags designated only for pet waste disposal. They suggest plastic grocery bags which should never be used as substitutes even though many people do with little regard for their safety or the environment. Dispose of pet waste in proper containers such as plastic cans with lids and special bags that are available at any pet store or supermarket where you purchase food for your dog.

Tip# 04. Clean Up Spills Quickly

Synthetic lawn maintenance is not limited to the front yard. Don't forget that your backyard needs some love too for you and everyone else to enjoy it. That means making sure spills are cleaned up quickly before they dry out, much like when you spilled water on a countertop or floor of your house if any were left standing after mopping, then dried leaving ugly stains everywhere. The same holds with an outdoor area where drinks are frequently passed around during summer barbecues, by children playing tag games near flower beds filled with mulch and dirt falling over concrete sidewalks which tend to get discolored from grass clippings blown there by wind currents because no one ever sweeps them away leading to unsightly messy areas that need cleaning up.

Tip# 05. Don't Abuse Your Lawn

When you first get your new lawn, don’t cut it too short. Most synthetic grasses need a little bit of time to relax before mowing again. If you try to mow the new turf down right away, there is a good chance that some blades will be ruined or even scalped entirely from going over them with your ride-on mower rather than using one of those push versions instead. You can also use weed eaters but make sure they are set to lower settings so as not to damage any fringes along the outer edges where possible drop-offs might occur if these tools are used at higher levels during this early stage in its life cycle.

To keep your new synthetic lawn looking its best all year round, follow these five simple tips. With a little diligence and upkeep from you, it should be easy to maintain the perfect lawn without having to do any of the hard work. If you're not sure how often a certain step is needed or want more information on one, in particular, give us a call today, we'd love to help out with that for you.

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