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Which Is Better, Synthetic Lawn Or Real Grass?

For many homeowners, the question of whether to install synthetic lawn or real grass is a polarizing one. The two options are completely different in price and maintenance needs. Synthetic lawns are made from plastic, rubber, or recycled materials while real grass requires water, fertilizer, and mowing services. Which option is better? Let's explore this question together.

Which Is Better, Synthetic Lawn Or Real Grass?

Synthetic Lawn vs. Real Grass Definition

Synthetic lawn, on the other hand, refers to fake surfaces made from synthetic materials like plastic and rubber while real grass is a plant that naturally grows on the earth. Many communities have restrictions against residents using real grass for aesthetic reasons or because of water conservation rules. Artificial turf can also be used outdoors as well if you are looking to save on your water bill or if you want to reduce the amount of time and energy devoted towards maintaining a lawn.

Synthetic Lawn vs. Real Grass Required Space

Synthetic lawns require much less space than natural grass. The thin foam material can be rolled out in an area that previously would not have been able to support a lush green yard, like on top of concrete or asphalt. This means you need no extra land for storage and it also cuts down on the time required to care for your lawn. Natural grass, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of space and time to maintain properly. Not only do you need more land than synthetic lawns, but it also needs ample sunlight and water to thrive. You will either have to hire someone else for yard maintenance or spend many hours every week mowing your lawn.

Synthetic Lawn vs. Real Grass Installation

One of the factors to consider when you’re deciding between synthetic grass and natural turf is installing your lawn. Both can be installed quickly, so it's hard to tell which will take less time by observation alone. While many people choose to grow their natural-grown fields from scratch for this reason then roll them out once they're ready to get an instant green surface waiting on them at home. Another option might be simply to buy a pre-prepared synthetic lawn. After all, even though there are no actual plants involved these days everything else looks pretty convincing.

Synthetic Lawn vs. Real Grass  Durability

Synthetic lawns are made to withstand all kinds of weather and environmental conditions. It requires very little maintenance, which is why it’s more durable than real grass while real grass often needs mowing after every two weeks or so, while synthetic turf doesn’t need any care once installed properly.

Synthetic Lawn vs. Real Grass Maintenance

For a synthetic lawn, you have to do regular cleanups, but the work is not going to be deep. You should sweep off leaves and other debris from time to time as well as pick up trash that may end up in your yard. If there are spills, wipe them away right away instead of waiting for them to harden or dry out first. The last thing you want is oil stains on artificial grass because those will become difficult to remove without damaging the fibers themselves while with a real grass area, keeping a nice-looking lawn takes more effort than most people realize at first glance. It does require regular mowing which can be done with either hand clippers or an actual riding lawn mower depending upon how big your lot is. There is also the need to fertilize, water, and weed your yard. In some cases, you may even need to use pesticides or herbicides for weeds that are particularly difficult to control.

Synthetic Lawn vs. Real Grass Cost

Artificial grass is an expensive alternative to natural lawns. You’ll end up paying more for installation and upkeep than if you had installed the real deal, but it will be worth your while in comparison with seedling costs. Artificial turf can cost many times what planting seeds would require, so do some research before making this decision further down the line when considering which surfaces suit different needs best. When it comes to the cost of maintenance, you’re likely going a lot less in favor of an artificial lawn. You don't need any equipment for natural grass like a mower or strimmer and there's no watering either. Not needing anything means much cheaper water bills too, that's why so many people choose these types nowadays when building their homes from scratch.

For many homeowners, deciding whether to install synthetic lawn or real grass can be a difficult decision. But there are some key points you should consider before making your final choice. We understand that this is an important decision for homeowners to make when considering the advantages of installing either type of turf in their yard. If you still aren’t sure how to go about choosing between these two options contact us today so we can provide more information on what would work best for your specific needs.

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