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How Long Does A Synthetic Lawn Generally Last?

There are many factors that go into how long your synthetic lawn will last. If you take care of it properly, then it should be able to last up to five years or more. However, improper care can reduce the lifespan significantly so it is important to know what you're doing when caring for your yard. The longevity of artificial grass relies on a variety of variables. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the factors that can significantly affect the lifespan of your synthetic turf.

How Long Does A Synthetic Lawn Generally Last?
  • The Quality Of Materials

The quality of materials is the main factor that determines how long a synthetic lawn will last. The length of time for which a synthetic lawn will last depends on the quality of materials used in its installation. This factor can help you determine how long your fake grass is going to serve you before it starts breaking down. You may be surprised to know that the average lifespan of a synthetic grass lawn is between ten and fifteen years. However, it can last for as many as twenty years depending on whether or not you take care of your artificial turf properly by following all manufacturers' guidelines regarding installation and maintenance. It should also be noted that there are various grades of synthetic grass and thus the quality will vary accordingly. The average lifespan also depends on where you live in terms of temperature, humidity levels, and air pollution.

  • The Quality Of Installation

The more installation professionals there are working on your project, the higher chance you have of getting a great product. Installing synthetic grass will not only enhance its lifespan but also make it easier for people who walk or play underneath with no worries about spills ending up anywhere else. A professional installation service is a suggestion for any project involving artificial turf. Not only will they be able to get the job done right, but you'll also get more out of your investment by letting someone else handle all of that hard work. It might seem like installing new synthetic grass in your yard isn't too difficult - after all, it can easily become DIYer friendly if handled incorrectly- but there are still some precautions one needs before diving headfirst into this potentially dangerous endeavor.

  • Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a synthetic lawn is the most important aspect of how long your new or existing artificial grass will last. In addition to proper maintenance, you must also know about all of the benefits that come with owning an artificial lawn. For your turf to stay looking great, you must have regular professional cleaning and grooming services. Professional cleaning and grooming will not only keep your lawn looking great, but it can also help you to extend the life of your artificial grass. A well-maintained synthetic turf surface should last a minimum of 15 years or more. The upkeep is often less expensive than caring for a traditional natural lawn while requiring significantly fewer resources to maintain.

  • Minor Repairs

Minor repairs in a synthetic lawn can be easily done in a short amount of time. Some companies offer free estimates and minor repairs with any new purchase. Minor damages to your artificial grass will not affect the durability or look of it, so you do not need to worry about this happening frequently. Artificial turf is constructed from many different materials, including polyethylene and nylon. If you make a small hole in the artificial grass it will need to be repaired right away because this could allow water to accumulate underneath which can lead to damage. Because artificial grass is made from material that does not degrade over time, it can be repaired and used for a longer period.

Based on the quality of materials, installation, and maintenance, a synthetic lawn will generally last anywhere from 15 years or more. As with all products you purchase for your home or business, you must do some research before making a final purchasing decision. Contact us today about what type of artificial grass might be best for your property and we can help guide you through the process. We want our customers to have peace of mind when they make their decisions so they can rest assured knowing that their investment is protected against any future defects because we only use top-quality materials on every job site.

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