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Pleasant Hill Middle School in Pleasant Hill, CA, is an above-average public school. It has 847 students in grades 6-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 23 to 1. 44 per cent of students are at least proficient in math and 57 per cent in reading, according to state test scores.



By subject level taught, Friendly Hill Middle's employees are divided into departments. In both the English and the History departments, for instance, sixth grade core teachers are. Each department has a department chair and that teacher disseminates data relevant to the curriculum of that department. Department chairs consult with managers on a monthly basis.



Within the cafeteria, students can buy breakfast, brunch, and lunch, as well as a selection of a la carte items. The breakfast/brunch price is $2.50 and the lunch price is $3.50. By using their 7 digit ID number on the pin pad given, students can pay with cash or access their prepaid meal account. This is the same amount that children will use to enter their account to obtain their meals on the free and reduced meal plan. Outside, between the 600 and 700 wings, they also have a dedicated pizza lunch meal window where you can also use your number to get lunch. The CASH ONLY snack bar is next to this window, where you'll find more snacks and a la carte pieces.


In the cafeteria, cash and checks are accepted to pre-pay the lunch accounts for students. Credit cards are also approved, but in order to process them, parents must use the Titan School Solutions connection. To use this feature, there is a small fee and it can take up to two days for the funds to be available.


All students with cash or prepaid accounts are allowed to buy any of the items that are offered for sale automatically. However, through contacting Pam Bostwick, their accounts and food transactions may be limited. She will explore with you the different choices. For example, you can opt for your child to purchase meals only. You may also submit a print out of the purchased pieces.


Student Goal

In order to prepare students for their future, they agree that students need to clearly understand what is required to make the most of their opportunities here. They agree that it is possible to put most of what is required into five simple categories.


Be Respectful

  • Be respectful of yourself and others—including those different from you. Good manners matter.

  • When others talk, be quiet and listen. Respect their right to speak. Listening is not just waiting to talk; it is hearing and understanding.

  • Respect others’ time and property by making sure you always have your own paper, pencils, and school materials.


Be Responsible

  • Use your planner daily

  • Own your future. Take advantage of school in order to have all your options later. Hard work now will pay off later.

  • Learn about career opportunities, and the skills needed. No career is harmed by too much knowledge.


Be Safe

  • Act safely. Think before you speak and act.

  • Act appropriately for where you are. Walk and speak quietly in the hallways, classrooms, library, office and other non-play areas. Reserve playing, running, and louder voices for appropriate times and places: the fields and courts at lunch and in PE.

  • Keep the school clean. Treat the restrooms, halls and classrooms with respect. Put trash in receptacles. Pick up after yourself.


Be Cooperative

  • Develop and use a positive attitude and a sense of humor.

  • Follow directions from teachers, staff, and student leaders.

  • Be willing to learn new concepts.

  • Dress appropriately for a school environment and according to the dress code.


Be There and Ready

  • Be ready to work at the beginning class bell. Be in your seat with your planner open. Use your planner daily to keep track of your work.

  • Ask questions. You are in school to learn and learning involves risk.

  • Be persistent about learning. Find and take advantage of your learning strengths.

  • Take your job seriously. Get enough sleep, eat well, take work home if necessary.

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All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

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