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Looking at Past Projects

Our website has been set up in groups of modules, or subgroups in which related information has been collected and organized in order to make thinking through projects, or finding materials, or accessing tools for your profession is the simplest process possible. 


In this article we will break down some of those subgroups. This section includes descriptions of how our products have been used in real life projects. These were all constructions that used our products, and we are proud of! These creations are currently out in the community, doing good! We are proud of them! 




  • Old Town Plaza

    • The Old Town Plaza pavilion is located in Pittsburg, CA, and is intended to host government events, unique events and the farmers ' market. The European Paving Designs of San Jose have installed approximately seven hundred square feet of permeable pavers made by Basalite. In order to support the recharging of the groundwater and irrigation of the trees, SF Rima and Mission Permeable Pavers were selected by the landscape architect Hansen McArdle Inc. The project, which was installed in the summer of 2010, is now a hub for the City of Pittsburg.

  • St. Helena Hospital Engineered Retaining Wall

    • For their daily use patients, special aid was needed in the parking lot of the Johnson Pavillion in Angwin, California, home to the Martin O'Neil Cancer Centre. They needed a wall design that reached 20 feet in height, in order to maintain the parking area to make it simpler for patients to access their care providers.

    • In the color tan, a three-plane divided Geowall Max Retained Wall System was chosen. In order to generate an accessible parking area, the Geowall Max not just provided a good retention solution, but also produced an esthetically pleasing landscape for the site.

  • Berkeley High School Stadium 

    • The pedestrian footpaths around Yellowjacket Stadium are created of Basalite SF Rima permeable pavers as part of a multimillion dollar modernization initiative for the Berkeley High School. Architect Baker Vilar selected about 10,000 square meters of permeable pavers in this compulsory ADA-compliant project, which functions for both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Permeable Paver Driveway

    • SF Rima Permeable Passers are built for the free flow of water into natural aquifers on their sides. This style stops the run-off of paved surfaces and reduces the chance of washing chemicals and other damaging components in rivers, streams and oceans.

  • The Freestanding Wall Patio

    • The wall of Bayfield makes a separate and lovely patio. The Anchor Bayfield ® Freestanding Wall System by Basalite offers a textured face style that fits in many landscape styles in nature-inspired textures and colours. The three-piece Anchor system is an easy and safe solution to natural stone walls. 

  • Split Face with Scored Elementary School 

    • The Incline Village Elementary School needed a master plan, which included the condition of a minimum environmental effect due to its location in a wooded alpine area, near Lake Tahoe. The site is centered around a stream and is developable on both sides. In this environmentally friendly project, Split Face and Scored CMUs have been used. The Washoe County Award of Distinction has been awarded to Collaborative Design Studio.


Porcelain paver patio Walnut Creek.jpg
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