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A Look at Some of Our Products

Our website has been set up in groups of modules, or subgroups in which related information has been collected and organized, in order to make thinking through projects, or finding materials, or accessing tools for your profession is the simplest process possible. 


In this article, we will dive into one of those subgroups: our products. We will be displaying some of the different products that we have, and the purposes they can be used for! 


Retaining and Landscape Walls 


  • Geowall Pro

    • The Basalite Geowall Series has an open central layout and a high-force pin link system. In order to make the calculations as simple as possible, each block face measures one square foot.

This is also the smallest of the series. The lightweight and short tail structure makes it simple for installers to apply it to roads, housing and commercial projects. This makes it the ideal building material in the market. It can be used for brief gravitational walls or for larger structural walls in conjunction with geologrides. The Pro is offered in many face styles.

  • Mesa

    • Mesa Retaining Walls have been the choice retention wall solutions for contractors, as well as homeowners for more than a century.  The only single-source SRW with a demonstrated, favorable mechanical association between the wall face and the geogrid strengthening system. The system parts combine the Mesa Standard, Mesa and Mesa Geogrid connectors. For simple calculation, every block face measures a square foot. For many DOT projects, the Mesa Wall scheme is pre-approved. 

  • StoneWall ® II

    • StoneWall ® II is a retaining wall scheme, which come in six pieces. The distinctive tumbled stones with their wealthy basalite colors will give every land retaining wall a vintage charm. StoneWall ® II is a versatile system that can be mounted in distinct models and transitioned with the same stones into a standing wall.




  • The Sierra Collection

    • The Basalite Sierra collection is intended to offer excellent durability, so that every moment you step outside you can have peace of mind. We combine rich colors and durable surfaces with high levels of cement content. We also incorporate new technology that protects the paver against stains and soiling to make the surface easier to clean. The Basalite manufacturing process incorporates state of the art technology to create a true stone chiseled texture.

  • CityScape Collection

    • The CityScape series of pavers was designed to produce contrast and definitions that highlight a distinctive design or pattern, in order to find drastic colors and a range of dimensions. The Cityscape Series is the perfect option for any business project, with a number of choices.

  • San Francisco Cobblestone Collection 

    • The Basalite Cobblestone Pavers in San Francisco are the perfect option for those who want an atmosphere that combines elegance with a more rustic atmosphere. This paver provides the traditional look and feel of the centuries-old Roman cobbled block for your hardscape designs that also require more formal design. There's no end to creativity. The collection offers you the chance in the Renaissance colors to design additional storage areas, garden walls and steppes that make up your outdoor space. The earthy shades enable you to harmonize atmosphere and home, regardless of style, to generate an inviting place of peace and warmth.

Stormwater Management


  • Submar UltraFlex

    • Submar combines the growth of nature with the difficult armor strength and efficiency of articulated concrete reinforcing mats, which results in a solution that is visually pleasing and eco-conserving. With erosion control solutions, superior project efficiency, excellent technical support and client service Submar achieves success in a broad range of apps.


Masonry Fence Walls


  • Proto II

    • The Proto IITM fence system features a rod and hook assembly that unifies the framework and the wall of the CMU. Six joint strengthenings also help the lateral transfer of forces across the wall.

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