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An Introduction to Basalite

In the mid 1930’s, Basalite became one of the biggest providers of concrete masonry producers in western North America. They were originally a part of the Basalt Rock Company, located in Napa, California. They specialize in structural blocks, paving stones, wall systems, holding walls, decorative and other garden products, and a complete line of packaged concrete and mortar products.


Over the past couple of decades, there has been a clear and rapid increase in the use of Basalite Concrete Masonry Units or CMUs. This was not only due to the building boom in Northern California, but also to developments in building design and architectural preferences. The Basalite company has shifted and changed with the years, ensuring that what was produced was of the highest quality. As a result, today, Basalite Concrete products produce hundreds of concrete blocks in different kinds and styles. This goes to show that the products from Basalite have withstood the test of time, and are proving to some, if not, the best out there. 


In terms of selection, Basalite offers a full range of custom colors, forms and sizes in most of their line of products, and will often work very closely with architects themselves, in order to design and create something that will work exactly to the architect's vision. This results in constant growing of the product lines, and it helps to keep Basalite growing and evolving to stay as current as possible. Sometimes even ahead of the curve! Once new products are developed, contractors and constructors have access to the full line of products, and can even look back on older products to draw inspiration. 


The fundamental values of Basalite guide our conduct and our company in every way. However, Basalite firmly believes that the true test of the values of a company is not what is written or said, but the visible impact that it has everyday. 

INTEGRITY: The consistent, real, honest and straightforward behaviour. This is a pillar of Basalite because honest behavior is the way to demonstrate that words are true, and that this company means what they say. 


SAFETY: An environment in which individuals are committed to protecting themselves and others. Being in this business from the beginning (the construction of the materials) to the end (the building of the structure) is a dangerous job. Basalite is dedicated to the safety of everyone involved, at all times. 


RESPECT: The process of recognizing the contribution and viewpoint of each individual. While ideas and visions might not always align, it is imperative for a team to listen to all thoughts, and evaluate them all fairly. Acknowledging that everyone will not agree, but that all ideas are valid is the only way to run a productive team.  


CUSTOMER FOCUS: The success and satisfaction of our clients helps us to achieve our own. The success of our company is solely through the satisfaction of our customers. We put our customers first, and we value every customer interaction as a learning experience.


QUALITY: When the performance is meeting or exceeding industry norms and expectations. Basalite has stayed on top of, if not ahead of, the competing companies by making sure that the quality of our products have stood the test of time, and that things built using our products were strong. 


INNOVATION: The forward thinking which leads to creative thoughts that make our company successful. By creating building materials for projects, listening closely to what our customers need, and nourishing new ideas instead of shunning them, the creation of new ideas has become what we are known for. 


FINANCIAL SUCCESS: Ensuring the organization's productivity and stability. We believe in being responsible with the company’s funds, and making the smart choices so our company can continue to serve our loyal customers.

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