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A Preview of Our Collection

We offer a variety of selections for all things outdoor living style! Here is just a sampling of some of the things that we have! 





    • The versatile Cambridge Cobble comes with slightly rounded angles and a domed top surface which leads to a customized, architectural look. The subtle color combinations and various patterns make them simply the logical choice for getting creative.


    • A real classic with a gentle surface and ancient borders, it whispers silent, timeless elegance. Dublin Cobble ®, which is smaller than the Bergerac, comes in a wide range of forms, and gives a casually elegant, long-lasting look, in keeping with the stones of the centuries-old Mediterranean Villas.


    • Our Holland Stone is the perfect choice for a multitude of traditional looks in part, to its classical design, and its soft and multi-colored surface. In terms of a boundary component, Holland Stone is also an outstanding option.


Permeable Pavers



    • With a smooth surface and multiple colour choices, the Aqualine is perfect with the ultimate design flexibility, and is equally well suited for pedestrian paths and driveways. 

    • Aqualine permeable pavers can reduce the flow of stormwater and enhance water quality, and eliminate the need for traditional drainage and detention demands. 


    • Eco Urbana's chiseled textures and contours recall the vintage stone-cut look. With random shape and an optional big square cut options, this modular, permeable scheme provides an enhanced design flexibility.


    • Turfstone’s distinctive structure enables natural filtering of rainwater back into the earth, which results in soil erosion control and stability. Its environmentally-friendly design lowers the chance of run-off, and enables greenery to thrive. It ultimately creates a unique and harmonic hardscape design that blends beautifully with your house and your greenery. 


Porcelain Pavers

  • Noon

    • Noon is an expression of simplicity of life today. The collection combines natural wood's warmth and elegance of glossy wood with all the exceptional techniques of porcelain stoneware: timeless and fearless.

  • Turin 

    • Turin stone finish reflects a quartz texture to produce amazing living areas outside.

  • Verona

    • Various natural stones can be seen in the Verona line, which produces a unique outdoor living design. Each color accessible has been designed to carefully imitate the natural characteristics of another carved stone. 




  • The AB Collection 

    • The AB collection fuse nature into any terrain, in order to tackle different grades and generate amazing landscapes with the appearance of divided stone. To produce a pattern of ashlar, use block sizes separately or mix.

  • Ashlar Tandem

    • With the easy installation of the Tandem Wall platform, Ashlar Tandem offers the look and feel of chiseled stone. Seamless connections between units are permitted by virtual joints and various dimensions.

  • Diamond Pro

    • The wall retention scheme from Diamond Pro is perfect for large-scale projects. It provides the landscapes substance and stability with a rough facial style.

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplaces



    • Belgard's designs for outdoor brick ovens are based on the traditional ovens used for the first time in over four thousand years ago. Our genuine Neapolitan dome is the secret. This design produces a distinctive FlameRoll, producing elevated even temperatures for healthy cooking and an authentic taste of timber. Your outdoor kitchen is centered on a fantastic Belgard courtyard brick oven. With the Bordeaux and the Bristol Series or as stand alone parts, Belgard Outdoor Brick Oven Kits clearly is the best choice for your outdoor garden.


    • Create sophisticated outdoor living areas with a timeless stacked stone layout with soft cast stone accents from the Bordeaux Series. Complete this strikingly stacked stone outside fireplace with your outside living room or generate an enchanting outside stacked stone kitchen, centered around the grilling island or outside the brick oven parts. To develop a focus point, select one element in the sequence, or add all of these for a full, coordinated look.

Porcelain paver patio Walnut Creek.jpg
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