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Walnut Creek Dog Park Safety Tips


The weather is just great and you’d love to see your dog enjoy some playtime with the other dogs and reap the benefits of a tired hound later! You’re now planning to visit a dog park. Ensure it’s a safe trip by following these tips:

  1. Master obedience commands in distracting environments before going to the dog park. 

If your dog is used to tuning you out when he's having fun in distracting locations, then during a heightened moment at the dog park, you may not be able to get his attention. How do you begin to practice? During walks, make your dog do "sits" and "downs" and even do a recall ("come") command while on a walk. Tell "come" and then run from your dog backward; reward him with treats when he reaches you. These commands are gradually modified to be followed in different places - both on and off leash and with and without food rewards. For more practice, take a group dog training lesson! Community lessons are great for training your dog to listen to distractions and when close to other dogs. By using this connection, find a local class.


2. Consider carefully whether or not to bring toys.

Toys will send dogs anything like "mine, mine, mine!" to the Resource Guard. To never carry toys to the dog park, some dog behaviorists say. If you decide to bring toys, bring another one so there is not just one special toy.

3. Visit the park at non-peak times.

When there are fewer dogs, visiting the park is more fun and helps to prevent any unpleasant dog behavior. Try to visit early in the morning, later in the evening or while there are other people at work. If the park is too busy, leave early or do not linger.

4. Watchdog language.

If you see any dogs displaying non-desirable behavior, be ready to leave. Alert signs are looking, crouching, and other tense body language. It is also really disrespectful to be a group of dogs chasing one other dog. 

5. Stay 30-60 minutes.

The laughter turns abruptly to tears and temper tantrums! Dogs may do a similar thing and they unexpectedly play too rough or get overly sensitive. Go home until your dog reaches that point, instead of waiting for hours.

6. Don’t zone out.

In the park, all humans and dogs must behave! Pay your dog attention. Do not indulge in email, web browsing, reading, or lengthy communication with humans. To ensure that there is no circumstance that needs you to separate the dogs (such as mounting or other disrespectful behavior) or requires you to leave, keep your eyes on your pooch.

7. Consider the dog parks that require a paid membership or entrance fee.

As part of the fees likely to go towards upkeep, these could be some of the better, safer dog parks. In addition, these parks can review vaccination records for dogs that have not played nicely and ban dogs.

8. Pick up poop.

This responsible dog ownership principle is violated by many dog owners! Animal waste ends up tracking feces into cars and homes on shoes and on dog paws. Worse still, poop will spread sickness. In general, even the conscientious dog owners, dog owners who do not clean up poop destroy it; sometimes these doo-doo violators are the reason why even decent dog owners and their dogs are barred from some venues. Give one of your poop bags to the person who has not cleaned up his pooch's poop, clean up others' discarded dog poop, and still pick up your dog's droppings. 

This amazing dog park is located near the following must-visit dog-friendly parks near Walnut Creek, California:

  • Heather Farm Dog Park

  • Baldwin Dog Park

  • Hap Magee Ranch Dog Park

  • Highlands Ranch Dog Park

  • Markley Creek Dog Park 

  • Paso Nogal Dog Park

  • Joaquin Miller Dog Park

  • Clayton Dog Park

  • San Miguel Park

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

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