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Top 5 Patio Pavers Ideas for Your Landscaping

Perfect Patio Paver Design Ideas


It's a big step away from the back door: you've chosen to create a patio or remodel it. If it's not the typical concrete slab, you'll have to pick products that go beyond just looking nice if they're trying to cover up an existing one. With materials that are strong and durable, a patio that is designed to last must be built.


The budget, size of the room, paint, and architectural design of your home will affect the choice of materials, whether working alone or with a landscape architect or contractor. So is availability: the local stones fit in with the surrounding environment and don't cost as much as the products that need to be imported are more difficult to locate.


Safety and Surface Texture

When looking at products, think of what the patio will be used for and who will use it. For dining areas, living rooms, and for usability, flat, smooth, even surfaces are important. Rough cobblestones and bumpy aggregate concrete pavers can cause someone to travel or prevent a person using a cane, walker, or wheelchair from moving. In comparison, when wet, ultra-smooth surfaces such as concrete or polished granite may become slippery. For high-traffic surfaces that have the ability to become slippery, add slip-resistant coatings.


Consider Concrete

Using concrete pavers, which can be cast in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, is an attractive, cost-saving choice. Concrete, such as rock salt, aggregate, faux finishes, etchings, stamping, and hand carving, may be applied to different textures and finishes. Even items as simple as brooms or rakes may produce textural surfaces that are attractive.


Stone Options

Visit a local stone yard or supplier to find out what's available in your area; to make a wise decision, this is one of those things you need to see and touch up close. Common stone types include:


  • Flagstone

  • Cobblestones

  • Veneer Stone

  • Cut Stone

With loose materials like pea gravel or sand or ground coverings such as thyme or Irish moss to fill the holes, both stone and concrete pavers are frequently spaced apart.


Take a look at the top 15 beautiful examples of patio pavers that are very different.


1. Pathway to Pavers

In order to build a clean line before the steps take a curve and move materials to ipe wood risers, particular steps are aligned with a low retaining wall. The pavers are simple squares of concrete, uniformly spaced for a modern look, and evenly positioned on a pea-gravel bed. For a rich hot hue, the ipe is finished with mahogany wood paint.

2. Grid Pattern

On a grid of 2 x 3-foot full-color flagstones in a bond pattern, a Philadelphia area backyard patio is set, which maintains the installation and looks plain.

3. Seattle Zen

Old Dominion is the pavers that form the circle pattern and Roman Dominion from Shared Materials is the road. The route and circular patio are edged with a blue star creeper.

4. Patio With a View of the Pacific

Laying Chocolate Flagstone to fill in the holes with pea gravel. Pick rectangles of bluestone that are mortared over a concrete foundation.


5. Memories of a Beautiful Design

Pick rectangles of bluestone that are mortared over a concrete foundation.


6. Bluestone Bands

Use bluestone bands containing black pebbles. In the California climate, grasses, succulents, and drought-tolerant perennials have been planted around the perimeter for year-round beauty.

7. Portland Modern

For a Tudor-style house in Portland, Oregon, charcoal-hued pavers called Vancouver Bay are tightly laid out to form a smooth, modern floor.

8. Petite Plot in Minneapolis

Anchor's concrete walnut pavers, which are no longer accessible but are close to their present Charleston line. There's still space for a mobile fire pit, in addition to a garden and dining set.


9. Bluestone in Blue Ridge

4 x 4-inch granite cobblestones, randomly inserted with 24-inch square variegated bluestones, set over a rough concrete slab.

10. Vancouver Retreat

Between the square concrete pavers, that bright green ground cover develops.

11. Modern Zen

A raked stone lawn, a brass sheer-descent water feature, and concrete stepping pads. Ipe wood decking and accent walls.

12. Warm Bricks

For a patio that does not clash with the rest of the landscape, tightly laid brick pavers of various sizes build a smooth, even surface.

13. Corner Patio

The corner of a new yard in Portland, Oregon can be accessed by flagstone pavers positioned across the lawn from the main patio. Flagstone, which is available in colors ranging from white sandstone to Southwest pink/orange to black slate, is also the fire pit patio board.

14. Tucson Saltillo

Fired clay which is sealed for durability and safety.

15. Flagstone Patio

For an outdoor living room in Montecito, California, space flagstone is commonly interspersed with smaller stones to produce an interesting effect.

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Top 5 Patio Pavers Ideas for Your Landscaping
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