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Do You Need A Synthetic Lawn? Take Our (Short) Quiz To Find Out

Do you need a synthetic lawn? It's a question we hear often. And the answer is it depends as individual as your home and yard. Whether you're considering artificial grass for aesthetic reasons, pet-related needs, or other factors, it's important to consider these things before making any final decisions.

The first thing you'll want to consider is if there are additional benefits of installing artificial turf over natural grass in addition to appearance. For example, some homeowners may be more concerned about water conservation while others may have pets that make maintaining real grass difficult. Having fun with your kids on the new backyard playset might also be something worth taking into consideration.

Do You Need A Synthetic Lawn? Take Our (Short) Quiz To Find Out

Here's a short quiz with some questions you need to take to decide if you need a synthetic.

Why should you consider Synthetic lawns?

Synthetic lawns can be aesthetically pleasing if you want to de-clutter your garden. Synthetic lawns can create an interesting focal point by contrasting traditional plants in your garden like flowers which require more care than synthetic grass does. Synthetic lawns don't need watering so they won't increase water bills either. A synthetic lawn is perfect for kids because it's soft, safe, easy to clean up after. A synthetic lawn is perfect for pets too.

Why are you getting the Synthetic Lawn?

A synthetic lawn is a great option for many homeowners. Synthetic lawns are known to be low maintenance and easy to care for. Also, there's no need for fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers as the artificial turf does not have soil beneath it. The synthetic lawn gives you the freedom from this so you can enjoy time spent outdoors without worrying about whether your children will cut their feet on sharp edges around toys left lying outside.

Can you afford it?

A synthetic lawn is not cheap. Synthetics are available in a wide range of qualities, but some can cost as much per square foot. Synthetics vary widely in quality and price because they're made from different materials that have varying properties for wear resistance, cushioning, color retention, UV protection, drainage capacity, or water retention/hydrophobic properties, and many more. A synthetic lawn requires very little maintenance beyond an occasional hosing off with the garden hose to remove any leaves or debris that has settled on it.

Do you know what synthetic lawn installation involves?

Synthetic grass is typically installed over a compacted soil base with synthetic turf infill. Synthetic lawns are also tacked down to the ground around their perimeter but may require additional steps depending on your needs for leveling or installation on an existing surface, such as asphalt or concrete.

Do you know how long synthetic lawn installations typically take?

The time it takes to install a synthetic lawn varies based upon the size of the area you need to be covered and how much attention is required during installation. Synthetics can be installed as quickly as one day, though this would likely incur overtime charges from your contractor because most synthetic installations occur over two days at a minimum. It will not cost more than what you feel comfortable spending. Installation times vary widely by project type and the complexity of design or installation projects tend to extend beyond the amount of time that most homeowners are willing to wait.

Do you have the time to maintain a synthetic lawn?

A Synthetic lawn does not need water. You do need to ensure that it gets enough sunlight, though. Synthetic lawns are heat-resistant and will do fine in hotter climates with little shade. Synthetic lawns can also handle high traffic areas without being damaged by footfalls because of their dense construction which can support greater weights than natural grass. Synthetics are often used on athletic fields or playgrounds where they must be durable over long periods of use.

We hope this article has helped you decide whether or not a synthetic lawn is right for your property. If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact our team of experts today. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that might have arisen during reading this post and help guide you in finding the best solution for your needs.

Are You Considering a Synthetic Lawn for your Frontyard or Backyard?

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