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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic lawns offer an organic-looking appearance that perfectly replicates real grass texture and feels while providing all-weather performance in sunny or shady areas. Synthetic lawns are easily installed over almost any surface, including compacted soil or existing lawns in poor condition. Synthetic lawns require little to no maintenance once they're installed and do not rely on pesticides for weed control. Also, synthetic lawns are comfortable to walk on with bare feet and can reduce allergies since they don't contain pollen-producing grasses.

Synthetic lawns provide many advantages for homeowners who want a beautiful yard without the hassles and hassles of traditional lawn maintenance. But before you take the plunge, it's important to carefully consider whether your needs align with those offered by synthetic lawn.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Synthetic Lawn

Here are the 10 questions you should ask before buying a synthetic lawn:

1. Is Synthetic Lawn Environmentally Friendly?

A synthetic lawn is made of recycled plastic, rubber, and wood fiber. Synthetic lawns are not biodegradable but they do not contribute to the depletion of natural resources either. Synthetic grass can be reused almost indefinitely which means it does less damage compared with traditional turfgrass that needs regular replacement.

2. Does Artificial Grass Need Water?

Synthetic lawns do not typically need water, but some artificial grasses are made to make them appear as they require watering. A synthetic lawn does not get natural wear and tear from the sun beating down on it for hours every day of summer or being exposed to snow drifts in winter. The more that you can mimic nature's conditions by using an alternative infill material that mimics sand or dirt, then the more durable your synthetic lawn will be throughout its lifetime without needing too much maintenance.

3. Is It Okay to Use Artificial Grass Around Swimming Pools?

Synthetic grass can be used around swimming pools without any issues. However, if you want the synthetic lawn to last long, it is best to avoid getting your artificial turf wet or make sure that there are no chemicals in the pool water because these substances could damage your fake grass over time.

4. Is Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

Synthetic grass is great for pets because it does not retain any of the dirt or moisture from rain that would normally stick to a natural lawn. Synthetic turf will not allow pet urine to sink into the soil and create bacteria as can happen with real grass, which often makes artificial grass more sanitary and safer for pets.

5. Is It Possible To Install Artificial Grass On Concrete?

Synthetic lawns can be installed on concrete, but there are a few things to consider first. If you have an older or cracked sidewalk it may not work very well because the material will break down over time and show through as stains in your grass. Another thing that you need to think about is if the ground under where the new sod will go has been treated with any chemicals or fertilizers. Synthetic grass does quite nicely when placed atop a concrete surface without cracks.

6. Is Artificial Grass Safe for Children?

Synthetic lawns are typically safe for children, but it is important to research the product you plan on purchasing. Synthetic grass can be more slippery than natural grass, so make sure your kids understand not to play near water or steep slopes that could cause them to fall if they slip and slide across the yard. Make sure there aren't any holes where babies may crawl through and pull up pieces of artificial turf with their mouths as they attempt to put everything into their hands.

7. How Much Does it Cost to Install Artificial Grass?

Synthetic lawns are not inexpensive. The cost for installation varies based on the size of your yard, but can be anywhere between $2000 and $5000 to install a new artificial grass area in your backyard.

8. How Do I Choose Between Artificial Grass Products?

When it comes to choosing between Synthetic Lawns, many factors need to be considered. Synthetic lawn companies usually offer the same styles in different thicknesses and grades of material. What works for one person may not work for another. You should consider how often you plan on using your synthetic lawn before buying a product since they do come at a cost. It's also important to see what warranty is offered with each company or product as this will ultimately determine whether or not you're getting a good value when making your purchase decision.

9. How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Need?

Synthetic grass looks like real grass, but it is not natural. Synthetic lawns require some maintenance to keep them looking good over time. Synthetic turf needs occasional cleaning with a hose or pressure washer; the frequency of this task depends on location and weather conditions. Synthetic grass may also need edging from time to time, which requires using a weed whacker along the perimeter where dirt meets synthetic turf.

10. Is Artificial Grass Easy to Clean?

A rinse with the hose can do the trick, but if it's dirty or you want thorough cleaning then purchase an antimicrobial deodorizing cleaner designed for artificial grass like baking soda and vinegar. Do not attempt to vacuum your turf if it has infill-this will ruin your vacuum very quickly.

We know you have a lot of questions about synthetic lawns. Luckily, we’ve got the answers to all your most pressing concerns. Call us today and our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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