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2020 Top Schools in

San Ramon, California

San Ramon (Spanish: San Ramón; Spanish for "Saint Raymond") is a city located in Contra Costa County , California , United States, 34 miles east of San Francisco and within the San Ramon Valley. The population of San Ramon was estimated to be 75,995 in 2019 by the US Census Bureau, making it the 4th largest city in Contra Costa County, behind Richmond, Concord and Antioch.


San Ramon is home to the headquarters of Chevron Corporation, 24 Hour Fitness, the West Coast headquarters of AT&T, the Global Software Center of General Electric, and the San Ramon Medical Center. Major annual events include the Art and Wind Festival on the weekend of Memorial Day and the Run for Education in October.


The 2010 United States Census reported that the population of San Ramon was 72,148. The population density was 3,991.1 per square mile (1,541.0 / km2). The racial makeup of San Ramon was 38,639 (53.6 percent) White, 2,043 (2.8 per cent) African American, 205 (0.3 per cent) Native American, 25,713 (35.6 per cent) Asian, 156 (0.2 per cent) Pacific Islanders, 1,536 (2.1 per cent) from other races, and 3,856 (5.3 per cent) from two or more races. The Hispanic or Latino population of any race was 6,250 (8.7%).


The population was spread, with 21,351 (29.6 percent) people under the age of 18, 3,557 (4.9 per cent) aged 18 to 24, 22,798 (31.6 percent) aged 25 to 44, 18,815 (26.1 per cent) aged 45 to 64, and 5,627 (7.8 percent) aged 65 or older. The average age was 37.1 years. There were 96.6 males for every 100 females. There were 92.4 males for every 100 females aged 18 and over.


San Ramon's public schools are part of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) and serve approximately 30,300 students. The city has 11 elementary schools and 4 secondary schools. The colleges are California and Dougherty Valley High School. The SRVUSD operates an alternative K–12 school to support home-based students: the Venture Independent Study School.

California High School, founded in 1973, ranked 250th best high school in the United States by Newsweek. Dougherty Valley High School is ranked 42nd in California, ranked 281th in the national rankings and won a gold medal.


Iron Horse Middle School, which is rated 10, is one of the best schools. There are 975 students in the school. San Ramon's public schools are part of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. The Castro Valley Unified School District is nearby and has lower ratings than the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Nearby Walnut Creek Elementary scores are lower, with a rating of 9. The population of San Ramon is 76,312. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is home to 39% of the population of San Ramon.

The amazing city of San Ramon in California is conveniently close to some of the most competitive schools in the country including:


  • Los Cerros Middle School

  • Pine Valley Middle School

  • Stone Valley Middle School

  • Windemere Ranch 

  • California High  

  • Dougherty Valley High 

  • Monte Vista High 

  • San Ramon Valley High 

  • Del Amigo High School

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Image by Ethan Dow
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