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The San Ramon Community Center, dedicated in 1989, was built with lasting elegance in planning. The rose-colored granite and glass building, with ponds, fountains, and lush landscaping-it 's no wonder it's still a favorite locally!


The San Ramon Community Center is a perfect place for your next special event! A move beyond other Community Centers with its wide variety of rental spaces and revamped look, the visitors will be shocked by the quality of event you can have here. They offer space that can accommodate most events whether it's a small gathering or a grand wedding. Their most popular venue for weddings, birthday parties, and even large-scale meetings is The Fountain Room. With the tall shape of the half-dome and the beautiful Central Park scenery seen through the windows, your guests will surely enjoy themselves.


The Terrace Room is another one of our great venues at the San Ramon Community Center. Similar to the Fountain Room, its vast windows look out to Central Park and create an expansive feel. For small events, the Alcosta Room is a definite favorite. The tall ceilings give the space a great feeling, while the semi-private outdoor patio provides guests with a breath of fresh air.


Definitely a good place for educational and leisure programs at affordable rates for all ages, in addition to being a place to rent rooms and spaces for a company and personal events. San Ramon Community Center offers weekly music, dance, and gymnastics classes, and a preschool program throughout the week throughout the school year. SRCC provides regular camps during the school year holiday breaks and summer season.


The automatic open door button is only at the entrance to the Alcosta, close to the parking spaces designated for the disability. The elevator is barely wide enough to accommodate a tandem stroller. The bathrooms have diaper-changing tables.


Community centers or halls are public places where community members appear to meet for group events, social support, public information and other purposes. Sometimes they may be open to the community as a whole or to a specialized group within the larger community. Community centers, such as Christian, Islamic, or Jewish community centers, can be religious in nature or secular, such as youth clubs.


Community centers typically perform many roles in the local community, such as all-party gatherings on various days and practices, regular citizens' meetings on various topics, hosting social groups and volunteer organizations, and coordinating social non-governmental events.


This amazing must-see site is conveniently located near some of San Ramon’s other top attractions. Make sure to check them out on your next visit: 


  • Memorial Park

  • Diablo Valley College – San Ramon branch campus

  • UC Davis Graduate School of Management – the Bay Area working professional program in San Ramon

  • Forest Home Farms

  • Walt Disney School Park

  • Rancho San Ramon Community Park

  • Central Park


After visiting these lovely schools make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at our downtown Danville location, DPG Pavers Danville Location on 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle!

San Ramon Community Center
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