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People are so kind and lovely in this place! To die for this place! It's always quiet and relaxing.


I'm so grateful for the wonderful library of San Rafael. In our community, it's a real "hub." To serve the community's many needs. The best is the STAFF!! In the most gracious way, friendly, kind and always helpful. Thank you for a good service of 42 years.


Absolutely amazing. Since I was born, this library has been my second home and I'm so grateful. The staff is extremely helpful, the collection of books is expansive, and the computers are open to all. I'd recommend that to anyone.


I have been visiting this library for 10 years every 3 weeks.  It's awesome! The staff is very helpful and warm. They made it super easy to access the library.  The library is open to all as to the "vagrants," and I applaud that. In case of inappropriate behaviour, there is a security guard.


Great little public library in San Rafael. This little place has so much to offer. It is a perfect place to sit and unwind.


The library of San Rafael is a good library.  I like programs for adults, such as ancestry classes, book clubs, etc. The staff are also very helpful. There has been a great influx of homeless people over the past two years who are sometimes loud and unruly, but the staff handles problems with tact and humanity.


Great collection of books and magazines for physical and digital use, skilled staff.


Amazing people and a wonderful community. Love it!

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