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Marin yacht club is a beautiful facility for everyone with many activities. I went as an invited guest to the Marin Yacht Club for a birthday party, and it was just beautiful. It is located in a very accessible area, with lots of guest parking and beautiful surroundings.


Total classic. You're going to be younger than anybody else, but a real fun old school!!


Great club for yachts. Silent, beautiful marina. The facility is very well taken care of and has a lot to show.


Gathering fun family. Fleet week's hay day. Quiet and beautiful place. Great place, great place! Great people! Great people! Great families, great marina facilities.


Great harbor here and lovely people. Thank you for hosting a successful ' San Agustin ' presentation to the Marin Yacht Club. Excellent equipment! A real yacht club for boats!


A great club for anyone who loves being on the water. There is always a fun activity to get into and all the families are great people.


The harbor is beautiful and there are many boats to see.


The Yacht club can host some amazing parties. Apart from being an amazing club the way they host events is amazing.  


The harbor, the club, and the people are all amazing. The surrounding areas are amazing on their own so being here is always a treat.


The Marina facilities are gorgeous and the events that they host here are always incredible. A lot of the people who are a part of the club are older and they have a lot of wisdom to teach.

Expansive Natural Stone Patio Renovation
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