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Gerstle Park, nestled between Greenbrae / Kentfield and downtown San Rafael, rolls through the tree-lined streets and up the hills to the west. This area offers a mixture of home types but is notable for a large number of Victorian cottages and merchant mini-states that persisted in the late 1800s.


The area now known as Gerstle Park was first bought and developed my J.O.B. Short in the late 1800s. It was known as Short's Tract, then Southside. Some of the original houses were built as summer homes for the families of San Francisco, including the two neighboring properties of the Lewis Gerstle and Louis Sloss families, where large lawns and exotic trees offered an idyllic retreat.


The Area’s Development 


By the turn of the century, smaller houses featuring elements of Arts and Crafts were being built to house a new wave of immigrants, many of whom were Italians who came to work on local railroads. In those years, the quiet Southside still had goats, chickens, and dirt streets, and the Italians were growing grapes for wine. The majestic Greek Revival School, Southside Primary, was built in 1903. Later, his name was changed to Short Class. The Gerstle Family created their estate in the City of San Rafael for a jewel-like park in the 1950s.  


The area began to develop in the mid-century when city zoning laws allowed many of the beautiful old houses to be destroyed and replaced by apartment buildings. Both the benefits and the problems of higher density have come to the area. In 1973, the Gerstle Park Community Association was established so that residents could work together with the City to protect the character of the community and deal with issues of concern. 


Living in Gerstle Park


Indeed in the center of Marin, this neighborhood is just above the hill of Greenbrae, the Bon Air Shopping Center, and the Larkspur Ferry. It's an easy walk to downtown San Rafael, and it's convenient to Highway 101. Gerstle Park is a suburb of San Rafael, California, with a population of 8,179. Gerstle Park is located in Marin County and is one of the best places to live in California. 


Living in Gerstle Park gives people a feeling of the urban, suburban mix, and most of the residents rent their homes. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Gerstle Park. Most young professionals live in Gerstle Park, and the population appears to be liberal. The public schools of Gerstle Park are highly rated.


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Gerstle Park
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