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China Camp State Park is a state park in California, the United States, which surrounds the historic Chinese American shrimp-fishing village and the salt marsh. The park is located in San Rafael, California, on the shores of San Pablo Bay. Also, it is known for its hiking and mountain bike trails, scenic views, and open spaces. 


The 1,514-acre park was built in 1976. A 75-acre area, including the shrimping village and the prehistoric shell midden, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 for having state-level significance in archaeology, architecture, trade, settlement, and social history.


The park is nestled along the coast of the Bay of San Pablo. The road through the park provides a beautiful view of the coastline.  Features include extensive intertidal salt marsh, meadow and oak habitats. There is a variety of wildlife, including deer, squirrels, coyotes, foxes, bats, and several birds.  The California clapper rail and the salt marsh mouse are endangered species that live in the marshy areas of the park. In the 1880s, the Chinese shrimp-fishing village thrived on this site. Nearly 500 people, originally from Canton, China, were living in the town. 


  • Incredible Scenery


With stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, China Camp State Park, built-in 1977, has 1,500 acres on the tip of the San Pedro Peninsula in San Rafael, CA. Its 15 miles of trails are open to cyclists, hikers, mountain bikers and riders. China Camp Village is exclusive to the park. The only one still standing of the two dozen that lined the Bay of San Francisco, this Chinese fishing village, exported dried shrimp to China from the town in 1868 to the 1920s.


  • Activities To Do


Split the sweat by hiking, biking, or riding the trails. Please relax and enjoy the views from the picnic area or our little beach. Treat yourself to a saltwater spa by kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, or swimming in our calm bay waters. Experience the history of California in our lovingly preserved Chinese fishing village.  Get acquainted with the salt marsh on our interpretive Turtleback Trail. You can even get married here for the adventurous ones.


  • Be Close With Nature


China Camp State Park is not only a home for endangered species, but it is also a resting place for migratory waterfowl and a playground for more deer and wild turkeys than you can count.  Wildflowers abound in the season. Rich tidal marshes are among the most natural in the bay, and their transformation to grassland and oak ridges is a remarkable remaining example of the classic California landscape.

China Camp State Park
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