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San Rafael, Marin's oldest and largest city, is somewhat less trendy than many of its neighbors, but there’s an interesting atmosphere it offers. On their way to Point Reyes, it's a common stop for travelers. Two blocks south of the 19th-century Spanish Catholic mission that gives the town its name, San Rafael's main drag, 4th St, is lined with cafes and shops.This crosses Sir Francis Drake Blvd west from downtown San Rafael and heads west to the shore. Lucas Valley Road crosses George Lucas ' Skywalker Ranch west to Nicasio just north of San Rafael.


Historically, the shoreline of San Rafael has been dramatically filled to support land development, with underlying bay mud (saturated clayed silt) up to a thickness of 90 feet (27 m). The sandstone or shale rock outcrops from the mud at some places such as Murphys Point.


San Rafael has a wide variety of natural habitats in the higher elevations from woodland to marshland and estuarine environments. The marshes are home to Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, an endangered species. Riparian areas still occur, including the valleys of San Rafael Creek and Miller Creek.


San Rafael is a perfect place to escape for a weekend or longer stay, part of the beautiful Marin County in the Bay Area and its Marin's Agricultural Institute runs a number of award-winning farmers' markets. Also, the Beach Park is a lovely and enjoyable place in San Rafael, a great stop for a beach day or a picnic on a sunny day!


You can also find a landmark of history and culture, campground and recreation area, and what could be more versatile than the China Camp State Park? Learn about the history behind the Chinese shrimp fishing camp in the 19th century or take in nature all around. The famous Turtleback Trail takes you through the ecosystem's microcosm and the vast salt marshes. 


If you’re looking for some more indoor, music, or culture-based activities, Terrapin Crossroads is definitely a place to visit. With different live music every day of the week, feel free to sit down, order food and drinks, and peruse the local music scene. Make sure to keep watching the calendar, as larger high-profile events often make a stop at Terrapin Crossroads as well, a wonderful weekday or weekend night activity to engage in that might provide a bit of a different ambiance.

Have a boat ride experience? Make sure you're heading down to Lowrie Yacht Harbor and cruising the Marin Bay or wiggling across the San Rafael Canal. The canal runs right through the city, making it a unique viewpoint, and the Bay Area has an amazing view. Go by cruise to Sausalito and Angel Island and have a look at the Golden Gate Bridge and more!

This amazing city is located near the following schools in San Rafael, California:

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, DPG Pavers on 4040 Civic Center Dr Suite 200!

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