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A masterpiece of architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, implemented by Taliesin's William Wesley Peters and local (San Francisco) Wright partner Aaron Green (following Wright's death in 1959).  This gem, which spans the voids between a series of low hills in San Raphael, is a testament to FLLW's vision and the determination and confidence of the Marin County Board of Supervisors ' Vera Shultz and MOST of the late 1950s.  The subsequent addition of the Hall of Justice wing remained true to the original vision of Wright, and decades of careful maintenance and updating ensured that this design's architectural glory remained intact.


The architecture is absolutely beautiful! Amazing! The world's best-designed building.


It is a government center that is extraordinarily unique and interesting. With his principles of organic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed it to create incredible spaces and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape while bringing the outside into the building. The new repairs to the roof appear beautiful.

Beautiful building! First saw it as a kid who moved to Novato in 1965 after growing up in San Francisco. Still magical to see. Yes, the late, great Frank Lloyd Wright-designed, and from the outside very "futuristic-looking."  In fact, it's a giant gerbil run with confusing long halls and hard-to-find government and courtrooms. And a nice library for the county. The elevators, escalators, and bathrooms are insufficient. Poor ADA layout, hard-to-find offices, with thousands of highly paid government workers hiding in their spaces and trying not to be found-lest more "official" government work should be done!  Historical events and past crimes ghosts! Definitely a tourist location-a great big hike place!

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