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The Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail, a 7.65-mile linear park, runs parallel to St. Mary 's Road through Lafayette and Moraga. It is intended for hiking , biking and horseback riding.


Traveling through the Moraga Valley, connecting Las Trampas Ridge with the Oakland Hills and the towns of Lafayette and Moraga, this trail corridor has a rich and varied history. This trail used to be used by mule trains to transport redwood from Oakland to Sacramento. Later, when the mule tracks had passed into history, the lumber was transported by steam trains, including the Oakland-Antioch and Eastern Railroads, the San Francisco-Sacramento and the Sacramento North, for which the sermon was historically named. With the abandonment of the railroads, the corridor became a service and, ultimately, with the cooperation of local communities, utility districts and the East Bay Regional Park District, a paved multi-purpose recreation trail was established to serve hikers, bikers and equestrians.


The north end of the trail begins at A staging area at Olympic Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road in Lafayette, south of Highway 24, and ends at East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) Valle Vista in the outskirts of Moraga, bordering San Leandro Reservoir and Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park. (A permit is required for hiking in EBMUD lands; call (510) 287-0469.) Trail links to a variety of schools (including St. Mary 's College), regional trails (Briones-to-Las Trampas), local parks (Moraga Commons) and commercial areas in downtown Moraga. One of California's first railroads, this 10-foot recreation trail offers residential access, regional connections, scenic areas and convenience to local facilities. It is accessible to people in wheelchairs.


The trail is maintained and operated by the Regional Park District of East Bay. In cooperation with the cities of Lafayette and Moraga, the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, EBMUD, and Pacific Gas and Electric Co, it was established largely along the right-of - way service.

Responsible Trail-Use Rules

Safe multiple use of this and other multi-purpose trails requires everyone's cooperation. Every user of the trail is asked to exercise common courtesy. Bicycles yield for horses and hikers. Hikers yield on horses. Stay on the right side of the trail, except when passing by. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail, except for wheelchairs.

Lafayette, California is home to some amazing sites that any discerning visitor should definitely check out on their next visit: 


  • Lafayette Community Park

  • Lafayette Reservoir Recreation

  • Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center

  • Lafayette Rink

  • Temple Isaiah of Contra Costa County

  • Hank & Frank Bicycles

  • Cambiati Wellness Programs

  • The Hideout Kitchen & Cafe

  • Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa


After visiting these lovely places make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

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