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Diablo Mulch & FireWood

California, United States

At Diablo Mulch, the trees that have been cut from the field are taken and processed into a natural mulch with no leaves. This is 100 % natural organic mulch with no color other than its natural tone. Mulch is one of the most useful, beneficial and nutritious items you can add to your garden. Not only does mulch help your garden beds look gorgeous by suppressing weed growth and covering exposed tree roots, it also nourishes your plants with extra nutrients and protects them from dryness and temperature fluctuations. With careful management and professional use of mulch, your garden can experience the full benefits of mulch for more beautiful and healthy plants and trees.


Benefits of Mulch


Creates An Attractive and Uniform Appearance

A high-quality, organic mulch applied to your garden beds can produce a uniform effect throughout your garden and help to create a clean, attractive and natural garden bed structure. Wood chips and mulch will give natural color and texture to the garden beds while releasing natural oils that smell great and keep the pests at bay.


Re-introduce Soil Nutrients

Over time, soil can become nutrient-free and no longer provide essential fuel plants and trees that need to grow. Wood mulch helps to naturally replenish soil nutrients and also creates a space for natural organic matter falling from trees to gather and feed root systems.


Suppress Weed Growth

Mulch prevents weeds having a foothold in your yard, which means a more beautiful landscape and less weeding work for you. Fewer weeds means more nutrients and water for your plants and trees to survive.


Protects Plants

Temperature fluctuations, pests, weeds and drought can threaten plants and trees, inhibit their growth and even cause plant death. Mulch isolates and protects plants from changes in temperature and dryness and prevents pests , diseases and weeds for optimum plant health.


Retains Soil Moisture

One of the most strong and beneficial effects of mulch is its ability to maintain soil moisture. By preventing evaporative losses and maximizing water retention, mulch helps keep your garden healthy, vibrant and green no matter what the weather.

Improves Tree Vigor and Growth

The combined effect of preserving soil moisture, replenishing soil nutrients, protecting trees and roots and inhibiting pests, disease and weeds means that trees have increased vigor and growth by applying mulch to the garden bed.


Suppresses Diseases and Pests

Many varieties of organic wood mulch contain natural wood oils and other characteristics that dispel pests and keep trees and plants free from disease.

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After visiting these lovely supply stores make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

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