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Why You Should Choose Pavers for Around Your Pool

DPG Pavers - Paving Contractor

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A design project of your pool is a significant investment and the materials you choose are key to its long-term beauty and functionality. By considering every possible decision beforehand, you will ensure that your end result will maximize both the performance and appearance of your design. When considering functionality, affordability, maintenance and aesthetics, interlocking concrete pavers are the best material to use around your pool.  Read on for three reasons why we recommend interlocking pavers for customers looking to upgrade their pool!

1. Functionality

Consider who will be the primary users of the space. The features, size, and materials used will depend on how you intend to use the space. The patio area around your swimming pool should be smooth, slip resistant, and impervious to heat absorption. While wood can be a cool-to-the-touch alternative, this option can often end in unexpected splinters and increased and unforeseen maintenance. In addition to temperature, traction should be considered. The patio area will presumably be wet while the pool is in use, therefore the material you choose should be slip-resistant. Interlocking concrete pavers provide all of these benefits with none of the drawbacks of other materials.

2. Maintenance & Budget Considerations

One of your first priorities will be to consider the maximum time and energy you’re willing to spend on the maintenance demands of your space. Chances are good that you are looking for your pool patio to be need a low maintenance solution, right?  Homeowners with interlocking concrete pavers have more time to spend enjoying the pool area because they aren’t bound to the demanding maintenance routines characteristic of other options. Pavers for a pool patio provide resistance to staining and fading with lasting beauty and durability without the rigors of continuous maintenance. Pavers are easy to find and easy to replace if a paver gets damaged which makes it a great budget-conscious choice. If you are in the Walnut Creek, Oakland, Marin or any of the surrounding SF Bay Area, DPG Pavers can help!

We must mention one caveat: installation of your pavers is critical. If they’re not installed correctly over an excavated bed of sand or gravel, pavers can sink, creating an uneven decking surface. Pavers also require a permanent border or frame to prevent shifting. Make sure to get help from a licensed contractor that specializes in pavers (like DPG Pavers in Walnut Creek, CA) as this will determine whether your project is remarkably successful or a stress disaster. As you select your professional paver contractor, ensure that the person has the bonds, licenses, and insurances necessary to take on the project. Make sure you meet with your contractor while keeping in mind the expectations and keep the details in writing.


3. They are Beautiful!

The appearance of your swimming pool patio is often at the forefront of homeowners’ consideration. Pavers offer the best of both function and aesthetics. Lovers of modern design will appreciate the lack of bevels in addition to the granite appearance. Those with a tendency to gravitate toward romantic and historical themes might be drawn to the Old-World brick styles of either Copthorne or Townhall pavers. They offer longevity, safety, and functionality, but they also have the variety needed to match any desired design style. Pavers offer a natural stone appearance in a variety of shades, and homeowners can choose from a massive array of patterns. 

You can rely on pavers to create the perfect pool deck. They not only boast incredible versatility in both color and design application, but they offer comfort from scorching temperatures and hot feet. Don’t forget to consider the future. In years to come, plans, guests, and family members will change, so make sure that you love the paver design and so you will continue to do so for many years to come.


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