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What Is The Best Material To Put In Between Pavers?

It looked amazing when you set up your patio a dozen plus years ago. Everybody oohed and aahed, and the paver was fresh and clean. However, the years since have gone by. The pavers are not as straight, they look slightly rusty, and worse than that the weeds are gone and half the sand is missing. What are you doing now, then? You have several choices. The fastest and cheapest is to buy sand, pour it into the spots where the sand is lacking, and call it a day. Naturally, the weeds will be scattered before you take your favorite beverage and after any heavy rains most of your items will be washed out.


Polymeric Sand 

Polymeric sand is a mixture of sand and special add-ons intended to fill the gaps between pavers of concrete and pavers of stone. This polymeric jointing sand has the capacity to reduce weed growth, to prevent the rain washout, as against the more conventional sand, and to prevent insect penetration when prepared properly (such as weed killers, insect repellents / removal).


Advantages of Polymeric Sand

  • The durability improves. In this product the binding agents help to secure the pavers. This gives you more control over the long distance.

  • Sand can not be drained from the joints between the pavers by heavy rain. The amount of water between the pavers is decreased by the use of silica and any other binding additives in polymeric sand. This holds the foundation base secure and stable below the surface.

  • It discourages weeds. The weeds can grow virtually anywhere and are remarkably resilient. Although it does not guarantee that weeds never flourish in your new footpath or patio with polymeric sand, it helps greatly.

  • It's ants-resistant. If you use polymeric sand, the ants get much harder to build houses between their pavers.

  • It is available in various colors. Polymeric sand is available in various colours, usually gray or beige in various shades .. Pick the color that suits your pavers most effectively. For example, with flagstone pavers, a shade of gray looks good.



Detailed attention is also needed when putting the sand. Place the sand on the pavers and brush it through the joints. Tap on the pavers with a broom handle or another stubborn tool. It will absorb the oil. Pull more sand into the joints until the top of the paver is 1/8 "away from the surface. You don't even want to see the sand on top of the paver if you have a bevel on top of the paver. The sand should always be with the base of the bevel if the paver is beveled. Using a small broom or brush carefully sweep all sand off the pavers. Keep the blower high around the tail and blast excess powder from the paverse if you have access to a blower. Be aware that nobody stands downwind right away. You are able to spray water when ALL dust has been removed.


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