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The Latest Trends in Patio Pavers

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Patios are often a pivotal gathering point for your family or guests. Like any gathering space it is important to make your patio have curb appeal that brings attention to it and attracts guests to the area. There are many trends that homeowners follow to add the utmost curb appeal to their patio and many places where patio installation is done specially and cheap. Here are some of the most popular and recent trends to ask your installer about.

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Concrete Floorings


Concrete is the most common and versatile patio paver option. Poured concrete can be molded into about any surface, pattern or color. It can be swirled and scored into fun patterns, tinted into subtle or bold colors, or even formed into stone shapes. Even the most unassuming and bland concrete surface can be transformed, and you can have lots of fun doing it.

Wood Pavers


Natural paver looks are often preferred because they don’t require a lot of work and they always look nice. Wood pavers have grown in popularity. One of the most popular interior flooring patterns is wood tile, and the outside pavers are no exception. It offers the look of legitimate and natural wood without the need for maintenance, which is beneficial to an outdoor environment.

Natural Look


It is pretty simple and painless to create a natural look. If you live in an area where there are many decor shops around, it can be easy to create a natural standing. Pavers can be expensive in some places and having your own style can save you money and maintenance. A good example of natural pavers are those made of cobblestone, and it is easy to find ways to install these.

Patio Covers


Most people think of patios as a strictly outdoor space with nowhere to sit. People may expect to stand and converse, but there are many new innovations that make patio sitting spaces a new curb appeal. You can add outdoor kitchens, bars, or simply a sitting space for guests to converse. Try to add covers above your patio to shade from sunlight or even go all out and add a sunroof so people can sit down and not worry about being sunburnt.

Plank Style Pavers


With the rise of popularity in wood pavers, plank style pavers also followed suit. Wide planks are often popular because they take up more space and might add a special flair to your patio if you can mix up styles and use interlocking pavers that easily connect. You can get planks in lots of fancy colors.


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