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What Is A Reasonable Budget For Landscaping?

A landscaping project will cost anything from $5,000 to more than $100,000. When deciding on a budget, bear in mind that investing in professional landscaping would add a lot to the value of your house. The general rule of thumb is to invest 10% of the value of your home on landscaping. So, if you have a $400,000 home, then a $40,000 landscaping budget is reasonable.


Factors that affect the cost of landscaping:

  • The size of the yard.

  • The features that you want (i.e. patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, etc.)

  • Materials and plants that you choose

  • Where the components are sourced

  • The location of your

  • Costs of local labor


Try these tips when designing a budget for landscaping:


Take an Inventory

The first step in every landscaping project is to list what you already have and evaluate the site. You may be shocked how many gems are hidden around your yard—plants that have been lost in overgrowth and need only be transferred, pruned, thinned, weededed, grouped or divided to regain their former glory. Hardscape materials, such as bricks for a walkway or rusty railings for a garden trellis, may also be reused.


Hiring an expert

One of the best ways to prevent expensive errors is to employ a specialist to create a master plan, which not only helps you envision the possibilities, but also sets out the steps to accomplish them—and get it right the first time. A master plan also makes you realize where the money is heading, which isn't necessarily where you can see it. For example, many cities now need drainage systems to collect stormwater run-off if a certain amount of waterproof pavement is installed.


Don't Be Coy With Costs

Know what you're going to invest and talk budget up front with your professional landscape. Understand what it costs to have at least three estimates, and if you don't know what to budget for the American Society of Landscape Architects recommends beginning with 5% to 10% of your home's value. Good news: good landscape design will add up to 15% to the value of your home relative to other homes on your street.


Splurge on the "Maximum Value"

Consider which features can make the most of your usage or give you the most enjoyment. For example, it may be an outdoor kitchen or living room patio that acts as an extension of your indoor living space for a good part of the year. Or it could be a lovely backyard view to be enjoyed exclusively from the interior of your home.


Take the return on investment

When prioritizing your needs and desires, ask yourself the following questions: how long do you expect to live at home? What are the long-term operating costs? Does it make financial sense to do it at once or in stages over many years?

Are You Considering Hardscape for your Front Yard or Backyard? 

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