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Information on Our Products

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of purchasing and then using the trusted company, McNear, to build the outside space of your dreams. 


Think Brick 


Thin Brick is an increasingly significant brick in the building industry, and McNear provides a wide range of colors, dimensions and shape of Thin Brick. The latest brick product generation has many things to offer:


  • Faster construction times 

  • Easier to use with the building isolation 

  • Thinner wall, providing more usable room within 

  • New paths for brick use (i.e. ceilings) No earthquake-friendly concern for remodifications 

  • Good for any surface, interior or exterior 

  • Furthermore easier and cheaper shipping and handling


Face Brick 


The origins of McNear Brick & Block are back in 1868 and make us one of the oldest brick fabricators in the country. Our range of colors and textures from a smooth and crafted look of our Sandmold Series to the "reclaimed" aesthetic of our Old-California Series and the vivid color and clean edges of our commercial Series are wide ranged from Face Brick, Thin Brick and Brick Pavers. We produce custom mixtures, forms and colors frequently and are skilled for historical bricks.


Although we are able to produce modular, Norman, utility, king and other dimensions, most bricks we store are in the historical "standard."


Our brick colors are separated into four series, each with its own distinct features:


  • Sandmold Series

    • The McNear Brick Sandmold Series has maintained a large degree of artisanal manufacturing that enables us to create products like our Sandmold Series, which would be difficult in a new, more automated brick production plant. Our Sandmolds' rounded edge and subtle irregularities precisely capture the appearance and feel of real historical sandstones.

  • Old California Series

    • Our bricks from the Old California Series reproduce a broad variety of bricks recycled from the ruins of older buildings. Some are stained with mortar, while others are mainly red. Most of them indicate warm color mixtures. The edges and edges of the bricks are all chipped, just as they are in real reclaimed bricks.

  • The Commercial Series

    • In general, these bricks are narrowed and vibrant, in more monochrome colours. They may have smooth Skin, rougher wirecut, or striated rough texture in their surface.

  • The Town Series

    • In general, these bricks have a higher squared edging than our bricks of Sandmold and Old California. Their colors are created using one or more methods: feed reduction in our kiln, ceramic coatings or clay dyes.


Paving Brick 


Thin bricks are one of the longest-lasting and useful products for floors for thousands of years. The main reason for the brick being chosen today is its superior esthetics. Brick is readily used for cheaper paving, as well as it outlasts other materials such as concrete and asphalt. McNear brick pavers give a variety of colours, styles and textured features, ranging from the smooth and handmade looks of our Sandmold Series to our Old California Series'' reclaimed' esthetics to the vibrant colors and the smooth corners of our Commercial Series.


Brick pavements are usually mounted or are mounted as a sand-set, locked pavement. Their rounded edges avoid sprays, and their mild irregularities generate areas between sand bricks. Strand molds operate especially well for sand-set apps.


Like other types of brick, building brick paving is changed to thinner shapes and this change is being addressed by our Split Pavers and Thin Pavers. Thin pavers are an excellent way to make brick floors, entrances, stairs and patios over current floors. The Split Pavers are half of the total weight of bricks and can be transported economically throughout North America. The sand-set (field-only traffic) and the mortared facilities can be used.


Many of our facial brick colors are easily accessible in any of our paver forms, but only in split pavers and thin pavers are some of our most common brick colors. We produce half-round bullnoses for most of our textures and colours, and these can be arranged to operate with our standard solids or thin pavers in thicknesses. 



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