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How Do You Keep Pavers Looking Good?

5 Tips to Keep Pavers Looking New and Elegant


By adding paving stones on your driveway, patio, walkways, and pool deck, you can bring beauty to your house. Pavers are robust as well as stunning. Take appropriate care of them and they will last for decades.


For busy homeowners, pavers are an excellent option since they are easy to maintain. Once the pavers are in place, keeping them in good condition is crucial. Follow these easy steps and for years to come, your pavers will look fresh and sleek:


1. Sweep pavers with a broom

Grab a broom and, as much as you can, brush the dirt and debris off your paving stones. If this looks like rain, we suggest cleaning your pavers. They can stain pavers when leaves or other debris get wet, leading to additional cleaning later on.


2. Rinse off pavers with water

Rinse off your pavers using your hose and an adapter. This will remove the bulk of dirt and grime left after a thorough sweep. You usually don't need to wash them under pressure. (But pressure washing will help if you have issues like mold or moss due to standing water.)


3. Create a paver cleaning solution

Do your pavers have any stubborn stains? Grab a bucket and fill it with water and soap for the dish. A cleaning solution that you can use to wash away stains is made from these basic ingredients. To clean the place, grab a rag or sponge, dip it in the solution, and add some elbow grease. (The only thing that won't clean is tar. You're going to need an oil remover for that.)


4. Apply a paver sealer

By adding a sealer, you can keep your paving stones looking fresh. On clean, dry pavers, this can be done and you can apply it once a year or every other year. 


For your paving stones, the topcoat of sealant prevents dirt and stains from getting through the mortar. It provides a good shine and makes cleaning your pavers easier. You can keep them clean after applying a paver sealer, and then wash stains with water.


5. Replace your pavers

If one of your patio pavers is damaged or heavily stained, without damaging the stones around it, you can replace it. To restore the brand-new look, the installation of paver stones can be completed in just a few hours.


You will keep the pavers looking nice for several years with these easy steps. If your paving stones look tired and dated, before you think of removing them, consider adding a paver sealer.

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How Do You Keep Pavers Looking Good
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