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The 68-acre site of Lafayette Community Park contains a wide range of topography, wildlife and recreation opportunities. The south end has two sports fields that are used for baseball in the spring and soccer in the fall. There is a group picnic area that can be reserved and a number of single picnic tables. The Tot Playground with its adjacent lawn is near the picnic area and the fields. A footbridge leads people from the parking lot at 480 Saint Mary 's Road to the fields, the picnic area and the public toilets. A natural trail goes through the entire park.


The site of Las Trampas Creek and Saint Mary's Road is a Pétanque site (French version of Bocce) and a picnic table. Access is provided by a path from the south-end parking lot of the Lafayette Community Park. Local Pétanque players have successfully helped the Parks, Trails & Recreation Department to build courts and provide ongoing maintenance, lessons and tournaments.


Las Trampas Creek has formed a narrow meandering strip with steep banks along the western edge of the park, and Grizzly Creek runs along the northern edge. Areas of dense riparian vegetation accompany the creeks. Flatlands along Las Trampas Creek were originally floodplains and were used to grow walnuts and pears prior to the 1960s. The remnants of these orchards remain. Rolling lands form the highest ground and make up the majority of the total site. They support a variety of vegetative communities, including well-developed oak forests, open grasslands and two eucalyptus groves.


The Lafayette Community Park is designed for the enjoyment of all citizens. The park offers a wide range of opportunities, including baseball or softball, soccer, lacrosse, hiking, walking, picnicking and nature observation.


Applications are required for the use of the group picnic area and the use of the sports fields for baseball, softball and soccer. No other use of these fields is permitted. If you are interested in applying for field use or booking a group picnic area, please call Lafayette Parks & Recreation Department at (925) 284-2232 to see if the date you request is available.


Park & Field Rules

For the enjoyment and preservation of the Lafayette Park Facilities, please observe the following regulations:

  • The hours of the Park are from dawn to dusk.

  • Use of the Sports Fields, Batting Cages and Group Picnic Area by permit only. Apply for a permit at the Parks Trails & Recreation Dept. Office, 500 St. Mary’s Road, Lafayette; or call (925)284-2232 and ask for an application to be mailed or emailed to you.

  • Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited.

  • Dogs & Horses are not permitted on the Sports Fields. Dogs must be on a leash and under the control of their owners at all times.

  • Dog excrement & all trash must be put in trash containers or carried out of the Park.

  • Motor vehicles, including motorbikes and motor scooters, are permitted in the parking area only. Vehicular access to the sports fields is by permit only.

  • Fires are not permitted anywhere in the Park except in a barbecue unit approved by permit.

  • Any games or activities such as golf, model airplanes, rocketry, or anything likely to endanger property or sports fields users are not permitted.

  • Plants and wildlife are protected by laws. It is a violation to hunt, harm, feed, frighten, kill, trap or chase a wild animal or remove the young, egg, or nest of any animal. No wood or plant gathering is permitted.

  • Firearms, hunting or fireworks are not permitted. It is a violation to possess or discharge any type of gun, including paint guns and air-soft rifles.

  • It is a violation to write, mark, print or post signs on trees, buildings or public property. It is also a violation to cut, break, injure, deface, or disturb a building, sign, fence, bench, structure apparatus, equipment or other property.

  • It is a violation to roller-skate, ride a bicycle, scooter or skateboard on grassy or planted areas, within the playground area, or to leave them where a person may trip or be injured.

  • Use of threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language or gesture is prohibited.

  • Pick up all litter and debris from park grounds and deposit in trash containers.

  • Noise levels should not disturb neighbors (e.g. no amplified music).

  • Park users will be held financially responsible for any damage to City property. 

Lafayette, California is home to some amazing sites that any discerning visitor should definitely check out on their next visit: 


  • Lafayette Reservoir Recreation

  • Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center

  • Lafayette Rink

  • Temple Isaiah of Contra Costa County

  • Hank & Frank Bicycles

  • Cambiati Wellness Programs

  • The Hideout Kitchen & Cafe

  • Olympic Blvd Staging Area

  • Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa


After visiting these lovely places make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to us at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

Image by Mike Benna
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