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Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail is a 7.7 kilometer high-traffic trail located near Dublin, California, which features beautiful wild flowers and is ideal for all ability levels. The trail is mostly used for hiking, cycling, running and nature trips and is available all year round. Dogs are also willing to use the trail.


The park features rolling, grassy hills with oak and bay forest along narrow drainages. The ridgeback trail continues to its terminus at the small peak of the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail. This fully exposed trail does not provide any shade, dress accordingly. There is a drinking fountain at the Donlon Point Staging Area parking lot; be sure to fill your water containers before beginning the hike.


Park in the Donlon Point Staging Area. Pass through the gate behind the toilets to enter the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail. You're going to follow this trail all the way. The trail winds across the slope. Continue straight through the next cattle gate and continue straight past the next trail sign, staying on the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail. Take the trail nearest the fence line at the fork and proceed straight past the trail post # 5. Keep going uphill and stop at the fork on the trail to the left, passing the trail post # 9. Keep going straight, passing the big water trough and follow the trail for just under 1 mile all the way up to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill, enjoy the view and walk down to the staging area.


The first.75 miles of this trail has very good views. After that, there's a lot of people you see tapers off, and the views are pretty close to what you get in the beginning. The trail is broad, easy to follow, and there are just a few small uphills. The end of the trail is at the base of the power line. It's pretty distant. A satisfyingly easy 5 mile back and forth with plenty of East Bay flora (hills and wildflowers) and fauna (cows).


The Calaveras Ridge Trail starts in the vicinity of the Schaefer Ranch and takes you to grassland areas where cattle have grazed since the 1800s. The trail is fully exposed and does not offer any shade, so dress accordingly. The trail is very steep in sections, though short. Make sure you're bringing a lot of water. There are toilets and a drinking fountain in the parking lot of the Donlon Point staging area.


Parking is accessible at the Dolon Point Staging Area. From here, walk along the fire path. It's going to be a gradual climb, but gentle at first. You'll have a clear view of the Bay and the Tri-Valley along the way. The trails end with a steep climb to a locked gate, an electric tower, and great views.

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