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Why Do My Pavers Keep


The pavers require low maintenance and will last for decades when properly installed. Nonetheless, the consequences could be disastrous, whether esthetically or structurally, if the pavers are incorrectly placed. For its streets, sidewalks, patios and entertainment areas, many homeowners have selected the pavers. In order to complement your house, paver in various forms, designs, patterns and colors will provide an increased room and functions for entertaining. The pavers require minimal maintenance when properly installed and will last for decades. 


Here are some common causes why your pavers are sinking.

Shaky Ground. It is the rocky soil under your patio that is the most likely culprit behind your bottoms. Due to the harsh winters, the freeze / thaw process will bend and twist the ground on the earth. This is a simple fix, remove the pavers in the sunken area and around it, rebuild and compact the sand and replace the bricks in the same pattern.

Water Exposure. The damage caused by water erosion enters in a close second. If you have an area around or on the pavements where water collects, the water can sweep into the ground and cause the soft soil to shift your pavement stones, especially when heavy loads are in place or heavy traffic as expected on entrances or parking lots. In addition, a failed outdoor spigot can spread small quantities of water over a long time. This can be the same but slower, and finally, broken gutters and downstream rivers are the leading cause of water erosion damage as a result of prolonged exposure to large volumes of moving water.

Poor Installation. Last but not least we are in poor condition, mostly due to novice contractors or homeowners. Bad installation is potentially the most costly and most complex situation in which the current patio needs to be removed, the foundation reset and started from scratch.


Fix for Sinking Pavers


  1. Remove Pavers. You will have to go underneath a paving stone to patch it if it starts sinking. It can be very hard to get out a central paver, but you can use some tricks. The first important step is to clean the whole soil from the holes on every side of the paver. This will help you to move and pull out the paver. It is then possible to remove the paver by using the thick wire (like the wire of the covering hanger) which is bound to create the hook below. You can lift the paver out with three or four hooks. A crowbar works, but the surrounding pavers must be covered with a thin ply so they are not chipped.

  2. Dig out the Base. The next important step is to dig out the foundation of the paver. In order to create a level surface again the base must be replaced. It's necessary to dig the base from below the paver, but not to remove the foundations at the same time from under the surrounding pavers. Digging a square of one inch will ensure that this is not repeated on each leg. Once this has been dug out you must compress the earth underneath the foundation to build a firm basis.

  3. Replace the Foundation. It is a simple step to replace the foundations. Begin with the gravel on the field. This should be compressed to sit tightly with the ground and to be carefully balanced. Place a thin layer of sand on top of the gravel that acts as the paver's base. This needs to be compressed and guaranteed to be flat with the base of the surrounding pavers. You should also extend the one-inch area around the border at this stage and make sure the whole area is level.

  4. Replace the Paver. The next task is to lower the paver, but that can be hard. It will take at least two people to make sure it is decreased to a level and that the base is not uniform. Apply sand to the lumps around the pavers and brush sand until the area is full to complete the task. Sending any cannabis murderers around the corners often stops plants from seizing and damaging your job.

Are You Considering Pavers for Your Driveway or Outdoor Living Space? 


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