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What Is Better, Concrete Or Pavers?

Trying to decide between stamped concrete for your driveway or patio and interlocking concrete pavers? Consider the pros and cons of each before you settle in on one option. 


Difference between Concrete and Pavers


Pavers are multi-colored concrete pieces that are interlocked to create a permanent surface for walkways, driveways and patios. On the other side, in order to imitate brick, flagstone, slate, stone, tile or even wood, stamped concrete is poured as a solid surface and then embossed or textured. While stamped concrete is relatively new, pavers have been used to render Spanish monastery courtyards, European village paths and stunning hardscapes in homes around the globe for hundreds of years. This gives pavers a reputation for outstanding longevity that has been demonstrated over time. Pavers do have some limitations that make stamped concrete a popular choice for homeowners who want design patterns that are particularly complex or ornate. At the same time, both pavers and stamped concrete have strengths and weaknesses which may be particularly relevant depending on where you live.


While pavers and concrete seem easy enough, it's not always cut and dry to determine which one to choose. Below, we'll give you the Pros and Cons for both pavers and concrete.



When properly installed, pavers generally do not crack. These also come with a variety of other benefits that make homeowners desirable. It includes the following:

  • In most cases, pavers cost about the same as stamped concrete.

  • As they don't usually require replacement, over time, pavers offer better cost efficiency.

  • Quick and smooth repairs include simple replacement of damaged or broken pavers.

  • It is possible to mix and match colors and patterns to create amazing designs with accents, bandings and borders.


Pavers aren't exactly perfect. Among the most disadvantages are:

  • Unless a binding solvent is used, every year or two joint sands will have to be overlapped.

  • Unless a binding polymer is used to harden joint sands, weeds may sprout between pavers.

  • Improper installation, particularly without proper soil preparation, may cause pavers to move or settle over time.

  • Since lots can be slightly lighter or darker from pallet to pallet, installers need to carefully blend the pavers to prevent blotchy appearance.



Stamped concrete offers more ornate design possibilities which give it a "wow" factor because of its distinctive textures and variations. Besides this, there are several other benefits that make it attractive for homeowners. It includes:


  • It has a wide variety of colors and patterns.

  • The colors on site can be manually balanced as the concrete is so mobile.

  • Stamped concrete can be sealed for additional water protection, vehicle leakage and tank chemicals.

  • The paving or natural stone can be closely imitated and has almost unlimited capacity for customisation.

Unfortunately, although there are many advantages, stamped concrete has relatively high initial costs, let alone time and money spent on maintenance and repairs. There are also several other disadvantages, such as:


  • Concretes are highly susceptible to cracking, particularly in climates with lots of frost and thawing.

  • Earthquakes and structural problems can result in a cracking of stamped concrete.

  • Due to the need to minimize cracking of control joints and saw cuts, interruptions may occur across stamped pattern lines.

  • Salt deglazing can damage ornamental style.

  • Because colors can go out under the light, exact matches when repairs need patching are not always easy to identify.

  • At least once a year, owners have to reseal their stamped concrete.

  • Due to the fact that you can have a hard time installing, you often need a qualified installer.


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