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What Does A Landscape Designer Do?

Landscape designer job description involves someone who loves and recognizes the convergence of art and science into a show of beauty that combines buildings and technology with nature. Often you'll see jobs referred to as "garden design" positions. They are nearly similar to the work of landscape designers. Likewise, you can also see landscape designer and landscape architect names used interchangeably, although there are a few variations. Overall, however all three occupations are very similar, and the title sometimes comes from state licensing legislation.


Job Description

While Landscape Designer Jobs and Landscape Architect Jobs are often thrown around the same meaning, there are a few differences. The definition of the work of the landscape designer includes:

  • Planning the final product, connecting the new features to the existing ones, by sketching it to a scale. These sketches are going to be very accurate, down to the window and the door on the buildings.

  • Performing site analyzes that include the evaluation of current plants, soil conditions, lighting, viewing and house type architecture.

  • The ability to interact well with clients and other groups of workers (contractors, managers, etc.) on the landscaping team.

  • Using imagination and the beauty of nature to create a harmonious, esthetically pleasing and functional environment. Areas can include lawns, parks, highways, walkways, and more.

  • Study on topics such as plants and their ability to thrive in the field, instructions and codes.

  • When required, make public presentations to discuss the idea, complete with maps, sketches, and so on.

  • Examination of plans, planned improvements, and any other required documents.

  • Oversees the success of the project to ensure that it proceeds as anticipated.

  • Keep documents, covering anything from correspondence to reports.


You will need not only a creative mind and a green thumb, but also a knack to keep records and interact well with others. Please bear in mind that the tasks you will be responsible for as a landscape designer will depend on your level of experience and role in the business. Landscape designers, though responsible for many of the same elements of the project as landscape architects, would typically focus on smaller projects.


Skills and Education

You'll need an understanding of painting, including color theory, texture, balance, proportion, and more. You're also going to need a good background in horticulture to understand which plants are going to fit where and why they're going to grow there. You're going to have to be imaginative, but you're not afraid of working with your hands and gathering research. In addition, you will need to:

  • Awareness of surveying experience and equipment

  • Simple awareness of the cost of materials and labor

  • Awareness of the effect of the proposed design on environmental conditions

  • Awareness and experience of inspection

  • Understanding the rules and codes that you would have to abide by in particular areas

  • Raw talent for drawing and sketching. While you're going to use a computer program for some plans, you should still be able to make realistic drawings by hand.

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Landscape Design or Landscape Architecture is required, although you do not necessarily have to be licensed to work as a landscape designer. Although 49 states require landscaping architects to obtain licences, landscaping designers may be able to work without a permit, depending on the location and nature of the work.

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