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What’s the Best Sealer for Patio Pavers?

Paver Sealant: To Seal or Not to Seal


Paver sealant is an important method for maintenance to maintain paver patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks as beautiful as they were built on the day.


"Too much of a good thing" might come into play, however, and by reapplying too much, you should be careful of over-applying paver sealer, which could produce a haze. The blog this week includes suggestions for recognizing when it's time to seal and how the perfect look can be best accomplished.


Should all concrete pavers be sealed?

Yes. Concrete is porous and will absorb stains if not sealed. Sealants can also protect paver color from fading.


Do all paver sealant brands offer the same basic protection?

On the market, there are certainly some bad paver sealing items. Don't trust the fact that you bought it or that it's a high-profile brand at a big box store. Just because a brand is successful (like paint) in one product category does not mean that they are the best in another.

Is anyone paver sealant finish more protective than another?

Basically, there are two forms of sealants for pavers: film-forming (gloss or semi-gloss finish) and non-film-forming (matte finish). The ultimate protection is offered by film-forming sealants, such as Wet Look and Clear Look, since they create a physical barrier on the paver surface. However, Natural Look and Color Boost, non-film-forming sealants, still provide excellent protection and last a little longer.


How long should new pavers cure before they are sealed for the first time?

Wait one week prior to sealing when using a non-film-forming paver sealant. Wait 30 days to prevent trapping moisture under the protective barrier by using a film-forming sealant.


Is there a prep process before applying paver sealant?

Paver Prep before the sealing operation. Not only will it clean the pavers, but to allow better penetration of the sealant, it will open the pores on the surface. As Paver Prep will eliminate any efflorescence (or whitish salt build-up) that has accumulated, older pavers will also benefit. Before applying Paver Prep, any stains should be removed, using the specific stain remover for the form of stain.


How long should pavers dry after being cleaned and prepped?

Your environment depends on the response. The pavers will be dry in humid, sunny climates, and ready for sealing in a few hours. It's safer to wait around 24 hours in colder climates or shady places.


What are the ideal weather conditions for sealing?

Ideal conditions would be 75 degrees and sunny; however, it's usually perfect anywhere between 50-90 degrees. Note that sealants based on solvent evaporate more easily, so lower temperatures are ideal for application.


How often should paver sealer be reapplied?

Every 3-5 years is the fundamental rule of thumb. For film-forming sealants, you would be able to note when there are signs of wear on the physical barrier. You will begin to see a major color shift of the pavers after rain as the sealant is wearing thin for non-film-forming sealants. Bear in mind that even well-sealed pavers can darken for a few days before the water completely evaporates in cases of very heavy rain, which is not an indication of sealant failure.




  • It is better to keep a wet edge on a continuous field, just like with painting. In other words, before you finish, do not let a segment dry. Keep working once you start working. 

  • An application sprayer makes it easier to operate faster (available at any hardware store). 

  • For saturation, add the paver sealant. In order to ensure all crevices are protected, have the pavers nice and wet. To stop lines and drip marks, then use a dry roller to soak up the excess. 

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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What’s the Best Sealer for Patio Pavers?
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