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Mission Statement

Futures Academy is an accredited private school for grades 6-12. We are reimagining education to embrace students who learn better outside traditional school models. We connect teachers and students in environments that build a sense of belonging, hope, and excitement for the future. Here, every life is transformed by learning.


The Future’s Promise

  • Academic instruction focused on a student’s skills, interests, needs and rate of progress.

  • A student/teacher partnership working together to achieve content mastery and personal goals.

  • Highly qualified instructors always look out for our student’s best interests.

  • Education aligned with 21st century learning.

  • Innovative technology to aid in all aspects of learning.

  • A social environment where students are known and belong, creating lasting friendships.

The school’s foundational approach to learning is based on four pillars:


  • Transformative Academics: Solid academic fundamentals are paired with learning how to learn, developing successful study skills, and practicing 21st century skills.

  • Connected Community: Students learn best when they are known and belong. We have campus activities from leadership and clubs to fieldtrips and prom to get students involved.

  • Happiness: We teach the science of learning and happiness. Healthy habits and a growth mindset are taught and practiced daily.

  • Pursue Your Passion: Preparing for college and career is more than academics. We work with students to explore their interests and help them discover their strengths and purpose in life.

Over 30 years ago, they founded their model on the research of Dr. Karen Bishop, Oxford University and the University of Chicago. Since then, more than 19,000 students and graduates have found a better way to learn.


After researching the concept of individualized instruction and mastery at Oxford University , Dr. Bishop developed her vision of a one-to-one instruction model. She believed in the potential of each student to learn and attain if the educational content and pace were tailored to each student's ability and preferred learning modality.


Her educational model was supported by research by Dr. Benjamin Bloom of the University of Chicago, who found that students who received instruction tailored to their learning pace, in a one-to-one setting, outperformed 98 per cent of students in traditional classroom settings. In 1985, Dr. Bishop founded the San Diego School. They are extremely proud of their over 19,000 students and graduates and their transformative teachers.


Most traditional schools maintain an M-F 8-3 "factory schedule" for long days, leaving students tired or out of work. The Futures Academy is about flexibility, focus and attention – one student at a time. Their teachers address the individual skills , interests, needs and rate of progress of each student. Students and teachers work together to achieve content mastery and personal goals.


Their students work with their teachers to set learning expectations and personalized goals for content mastery (defined as completing each assignment with a score of 80 per cent or higher before moving forward). Content mastery sets the foundation for learning, given that each subject builds on the next. Flexible scheduling allows students to achieve their academic and personal objectives. In order to fit your busy life, we work closely with you to create an optimized class schedule to help your child overcome any learning challenges or scheduling conflicts.

This amazing school is located near the following amazing schools in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Las Lomas High School

  • Northgate High School 

  • Berean Christian High School

  • Ygnacio Valley High School

  • Acalanes High School

  • Carondelet High School

  • NorthCreek Academy and Preschool

  • Fusion Academy Walnut Creek


All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

Girls in School Uniform
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