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Carondelet High School is an all-girl private Catholic high school in Concord, California , USA. Carondelet High School was founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1965. About 800 students are enrolled in the school. It shares some of the resources with all-boys at De La Salle High School, which is across the side-street that separates them. De La Salle High School was founded by Christian Brothers. Students in their junior and senior years are able to take classes at the other school for four of the school's six class periods, as well as lower-level language and art classes. The school is located in the diocese of Oakland.


The curriculum of the school builds a strong foundation for essential skills by creating an environment for each student to adopt and develop a growth mentality. Carondelet students take control of their own learning experience, including the decision to tackle honors and AP coursework across all subjects.


They work to make connections between academic disciplines and help their students see the relevance of their academic work to their own lives. Collaboration, real-world problems, and self-discovery are key elements that lead to independence, healthy risk-taking, and a love of learning that lets their students find their own passions.


Mission Statement

Carondelet High School inspires excellence by preparing young women to live with heart, faith, courage, and excellence in the Catholic tradition and spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph.


Vision Statement

A Carondelet graduate is empowered by her Catholic, college-preparatory education and is known as a woman who responds to the needs of the times and makes a positive difference.


Carondelet was founded in 1965 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. As the first Bishop of Oakland , California, suggested, Bishop Floyd Begin of Oakland. At the time, Carondelet was the only Catholic high school for girls in Contra Costa County. It opened in September 1965, consisting only of six classrooms and six teachers, three sisters and three lay women. There were only 115 young women in the freshman class.

The school was completed on October 22, 1966 and dedicated to Bishop Floyd Begin. In September 1969, Carondelet set up a cooperative academic program with De La Salle High School, an all-boy Roman Catholic campus located across the street. As a result, Carondelet expanded its academics by allowing juniors and seniors from both schools to attend selected classes on either campus.


College Prep in Carondelet begins the moment their girls first set foot on campus. That doesn't mean putting pressure on their students to make decisions right away; freshman's year simply marks the beginning of getting to know their students, what they're capable of, and what kind of experiences they 're best suited to learning.


Each student is assigned a college and career counselor who mentors and guides her every four years. From helping to build a class schedule that meets the requirements of workshops on writing effective college essays and filling out financial aid forms, they 're there to help each step of the way.


Freshman's year begins with a retreat where students are guided on a journey that helps develop their intellectual passions and offers opportunities to participate in community service, leadership and sports (if they are inclined to do so).


From then on, the school follows individual guidance on the selection of courses and activities that fit its college aspirations and personal interests. They answer questions about Honors and AP options, discuss SAT / ACT prep, suggest options for summer enrichment programs, and support their students in every way they travel to college.

This amazing school is located near the following amazing schools in Walnut Creek, California:

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All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, California!

Children Arriving at School
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