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Tassajara Creek Regional Park

Tassajara Road, Dublin, California 94568, United States


Tassajara Creek Regional Park (TCRP) is a park near Dublin in the U.S. state of California, one of the most obscure parks in the East Bay Regional Park System. It is located adjacent to the eastern boundary of Camp Parks and was established as a staging site for the Tassajara Creek Regional Trail in 1991. Due to the small size of TCRP—27 acres (11 ha)—and the existence of a security fence along the Camp Parks boundary, human and wildlife use of the park is limited.


The facilities are minimal. There's only one picnic table and one short hiking trail, but the place is rarely crowded. One writer argued that TCRP had filled a valuable niche in the park district offerings, saying, "this is a very friendly spot for young children and puppies to experience a first hike.


This open area and trail is part of the East Bay Park system. It's definitely not the crown jewel of their park system. It's been a dirty old parking lot for a long time and a poorly maintained trail. The big old parking lot is still there, but there are some nice additions to the area.


There's a large parking lot off Tassajara. From this point on, the park really doesn't look like much. Well, you're half right now. There's a trail that leads out of the park, and if you go left, you'll join another paved trail, like the Iron Horse Trail. This trail is well maintained and looks pretty new.


The Tassajara Creek Trail is located in the southeastern part of Mount Diablo State Park. Remote and exciting for people just want a quick walk to eat a coma or add to your regular jog routine if you're living in the neighborhood.


This trail is shorter than most, only 1.28 miles away, and it's not a real hike, it's pretty easy for beginners. However, if you're jogging or running after your weight training. This trail works well for that, and it's nice to be connected to nature.

Inconspicuous as it may be, Tassajara Creek is a great trail. Not much of a hike, but it must certainly be nice to the people who live there, who can just wake up in the morning and head out to the natural glory of nature.


Walking through the park, you cross a bridge and come to a fork where you can either go to the neighborhood that leads you to a half mile walk along a paved road or a little trail along a creek that leads you to an abandoned couch and a teenager hangs out.

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Image by Jonathan Fox
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