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Sycamore Valley Park

2101 Holbrook Dr, Danville, CA 94526

The playground in this location is not large but adorable, but the path we traveled before was the most interesting for us-Shady Slope, Short Ridge, Sand Hill Trail. It's only 2.1 miles and the first half of it goes up to the mountain, so it's a lot tough but then it's fairly easy. Our 4.5 years kid could make. It is very green in April-definitely recommend as an easy trail for the families with young kids!


Music was amazing in Park. To host this event, Oakhill Park is a lovely park. Food trucks, excellent shape park / grass. Behavior of geese and ducks. Music in previous occurrences was much easier than remembering. Many individuals loved there. A lot of shaded space. People behaved very beautifully and had fun. Bathrooms at your disposal. Lots of parking spaces.


Nice park nestled in a neighborhood in the suburbs. There was a lot of confusion about the instructions provided in the East Bay Park Trail Challenge on how to get there. Once there, the direction of the path was fantastic. There are many amenities connected to the park, soccer fields, baseball fields, etc.


Nice two-section park ; one for infants and the other for elderly children. There is a good blend of characteristics and slides for climbing. There is also a protected place for picnics and some paths for bocce balls. Just up the path is an artificial grass field for all purposes. A nice location for all ages, definitely.


The thing about this park that I enjoyed most was the enormous room it had with distinct facilities. They have a beautiful children's playground, and plenty of picnic or party benches, tables, and BBQ grills. They had excellent water fountains and excellent water quality, and they also had a water bottle filling station. The park has been tidy and updated. They have plenty of forests for a warm day to maintain cool down. It feels like being in a secure, quiet and enjoyable park.


This amazing location is conveniently located in close proximity to the follow Danville places of interest.  Make sure to check them out on your next visit:


  • Town Meeting Hall

  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

  • Mount Diablo State Park

  • DPG Pavers Danville Location

  • Blackhawk Museum

  • Museums and historic sites

  • Museum Of The San Ramon Valley

  • Museum of the San Ramon Valley (located in the restored 1891 Southern Pacific depot)

  • Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site - Tao House.

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