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Museum of San  Ramon Valley

205 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA 94526

The San Ramon Valley Museum is devoted to maintaining our wealthy history and culture and honoring it. The collections and displays are a reflection of our human experiences, institutions and cultures formed by the landscape, climate and early settlers of the valley.

The past of the Valley is displayed in a continuous display that contains artifacts, a historical narrative frieze, and historical building images. The Museum gathers, shops, and protects San Ramon Valley artefacts. A museum store provides tourists interesting gifts and memories.

Really an exciting little place to visit to find out about Danville and the valley's historical elements. The main structure is the historic renovated Danville Railroad station. Adjacent historic caboose has some intriguing displays and houses two restrooms that are very clean and well preserved. The entire location is just fun for adults and children to visit. They have distinct rotating displays... so it's an ever-changing setting that's enjoyable for more than one tour.

School kids receive unique Indian Life programs for fourth graders in the autumn and fifth graders in the summer with the Tassajara One-Room School. In order to investigate the distinct screens, classrooms are urged.

This national museum is partially oriented towards railways and transport, perhaps because it is situated in a former station / depot of the train.

The displays differ from month to month, so you can often come back and see different things. It's a very tiny museum, though, with just one display region basically. If you're a model train buff, the most interesting would probably be the exhibits they do with model trains. Their Christmas Memories display is very common every year during the months of November and December.

The bathrooms here are of special interest as they are in a true train car and (somewhat) replicate the experience of using a train restroom, complete of sound effects and mannequins. It can be a lot of surprise if you're not prepared for it.

Unfortunately, there is still no real railway going to this station, so getting here by public transport is not that easy. However, busses work from Walnut Creek BART station to downtown Danville. Nearby there is comprehensive free off-street parking, except on days when there are various runs or festivities. The centre is straight on the Iron Horse Trail, so if you're biking or hiking at night, it would generate a nice break.

Museum of San  Ramon Valley 205 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA 94526
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