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Dougherty Valley High School is a public high school located in the Windemere development of San Ramon, California, United States.


It's one of four high schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD), along with California High School, San Ramon Valley High School, and Monte Vista High School. Constructed by Shapell Industries of California and Windemere Ranch Partners BLC, Dougherty was the first SRVUSD developer-built school. In 2007, the school opened its doors.


Dougherty 's nickname is Wildcat, and its school colors are navy, Columbia blue, and silver. It is known for its state-of-the-art campus, which features a performing arts center and a water center in a joint-use agreement with the city. Dougherty is the district's top school based on the Academic Performance Index. The school is also home to over 200 clubs and a number of after-school activities. has awarded the school a perfect 10 out of 10 scores, based on a comparison between the standardized test scores of the school and those of the state; it is one of the few schools in California to be distinguished as such. In 2009, Dougherty had an Academic Performance Index of 905 out of a possible 1000, rising from a base score of 891 in 2008.The school was the highest ranked high school in the SRVUSD, the 27th highest high school in the state, and the 744th highest school in the country by API score. In 2011, Dougherty Valley improved by 12 points the previous year with an API score of 921, making it the third highest high school in Contra Costa County as well as the top high school in SRVUSD. Dougherty Valley further improved with an API score of 937 in 2012.


The Dougherty Valley Athletic Department offers a variety of sports, including cross country, football, golf , tennis, water polo, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, softball, swimming, diving, badminton, and track and field. Most sports have separate men's and women 's teams, and men's golf and tennis take place later in the season than women's. Current coaches include former Major League Baseball player Darren Lewis on the Varsity Baseball Team.


The school was part of the East Bay Athletic League (EBAL) for the first year, but has since moved to the Diablo Foothill Athletic League (DFAL). Dougherty's main rival is considered Dublin High School, due to the close proximity of the two schools and past disputes between the respective school coaches. Dougherty returned to the East Bay Athletic League in 2016.


The Wildcat Tribune is the official student newspaper of Dougherty. Published every three weeks in print and updated regularly online news, editorials, opinions, features, entertainment and sports sections.

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