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Venetia Valley K-8 offers an intercultural experience and a small community feel. The school serves 712 students in grades Kindergarten-8. Many students at Venetia Valley are bilingual and are tested in their non-native language thus the low overall test scores. These students will master at least two languages before middle school. Amazing, isn’t it? 


The students in Venetia Valley are taught how to show respect, make good decisions and solve problems on their own. The school creed that they want to instill to each students are being professional, confidently achieving one’s goals and contributing to the community of learners. 


The school faculty works hard and tries hard. The teachers strive to continue to improve Venetia Valley each year. We can’t help but be proud of their hard work and dedication for their students. 


Also, the parent community is extremely involved, kind and welcoming. The leadership staff has a clear vision of where the school is headed. The campus is great and has had many improvements in the last year (new kindergarten bathroom, play structure and remodeled library). The After School program is something to look forward to. The kids love it and they learn so much from the staff. There are so many positive changes that have happened. Any parent would recommend Venetia Valley and would be happy to allow their kids to be a part of this school.


Venetia Valley K-8 is indeed a great school with supportive parents and a great atmosphere where kids can learn. They have an outstanding after school programs that are so reasonably priced which allows each child to participate in a variety of enrichment programs.  Children would definitely love going to school everyday and at the same time learning so much on a daily basis. The school has educational coaches that will assist the teachers and can report if the child is performing well or needed improvement. Feel free to check more on Venetia Valley and you will discover that this is truly a gem for young learners and any kind of learners who value education.


This amazing school is located near the following schools in San Rafael, California:   

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, DPG Pavers on 4040 Civic Center Dr Suite 200!

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