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The Glenwood School Community's goal is to provide every student with a challenging educational program that builds and nurtures self-esteem, academic curiosity, independent thinking, producing a happy and productive citizen in the process.


Glenwood is a place where dedicated educators, committed families and engaged students work together to create a positive and rigorous learning environment for the 21st century. Students and teachers have high expectations and mutual respect to foster readiness skills in college and career.


Glenwood is a dynamic, vibrant, contemporary school with a committed and long-serving faculty and staff. The teachers are grateful to experience the most updated educational methods and philosophies being applied by every member of staff. The school vows for everyone to be respectful, responsible and safe. The community of parents and teachers are just wonderful, and have great smaller school feeling. The children are thriving and every parent could not be any happier.


The teachers and administrative staff are exceptional and for all their pupils they only have the best interest at heart. As with all of California's public schools, there are many missing items that are unfortunately not provided to schools and that's where the Glenwood School Foundation steps in to help complete the program. Fundraising is a major part of all groups, and Glenwood is no exception. We need to be involved in any way we can to help fund these programs and offer classes such as Painting, Computers, Music, PE and Science. Playing a part at school in any way allows the students to get a big picture. Throughout the year, parent volunteers are urgently needed to help support activities, help educators and improve the children's academic experience. Each parent in San Rafael appreciates the efforts made by Glenwood to provide the children with such, a safe and loving atmosphere.


There are a lot of positive things to say about Glenwood Middle School. But we  wanted to reiterate that Glenwood is an incredible place that has some truly amazing and caring teachers.


This amazing school is located near the following schools in San Rafael, California:

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, DPG Pavers on 4040 Civic Center Dr Suite 200!

Happy Girls
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