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Beautiful Community Center— large hall with stage, and it is possible to rent smaller rooms. Nice clean toilets. Spacious, clean, tables and chairs furnished rooms! Field of football, gymnasium. There is limited parking.


It's a wonderful, friendly and beautiful place I've had a great time. Great park for a fast journey. Clean and friendly to children. Lovely view of the bay from large fields of soccer. Nice building of a community.


Cool views for walking around. It is a public place where English computer and other programs are offered to children and adults and there are also reserves for events.


The park is an amazing place to explore and bring some family along for a great time.


Always clean and safe place where a book, exercise, skateboard can be read. Hang out and play sports in a really fun place.


This center has a lot of resources to offer that many other centers do not have. This place is great to keep kids out of trouble and so that they have something else to put their energy into.


Overall this a great community for San Rafael. It provides many kids in the area an opportunity to do something else rather than get into trouble and do things they aren’t supposed to. The facility is always kept clean and the people here are always extremely friendly.  


This is one of the best community centers in all of San Rafael. The amount of care that goes into it is amazing. The people here are incredible and there is so much do. Whether you are looking for place to hang out or play some sports, it is all here for you.

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