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Marin Wood is a San Rafael, California neighborhood with a population of 6,613. Marin Wood is in the county of Marin. Living in Marin Wood gives people a sparse suburban feel, and most of the residents own their homes. There are many families living in Marin Wood, and the inhabitants appear to be moderate. There is a high rating of public schools in Marin Forest.


Marinwood is a non-incorporated city in Marin County, California, USA. It sits at an altitude of 138 feet (42 m). For census purposes, Marinwood and Lucas Valley are aggregated into the Lucas Valley-Marinwood census database. 


In 1972, the city again voted to tax itself for the purchase of an open space ridge surrounding the community in order to shield it from growth. The initial acquisition of 321 acres rose to 812 acres as new plots were acquired and developers were required to set aside the property as open space.


The Marinwood Community Services District Fire Department, the Community Center and Recreation Programs, the Parks and the Public Open Space are all central to the history of the Marinwood Community.


Marinwood Parks


  • Marinwood Park


The largest of its parks, Marinwood Park, is located on Miller Creek Street, next to the Marinwood Community Center, Fire Station and Pool. The park consists of two wide lawns, a fenced playground separated into a public and youth section, barbecues and picnic tables. There's access to the waterfall and plenty of hiking trails near Miller Waterfall and Church Hill. The public toilet is located adjacent to the pool complex. Team picnic areas are available for rent.


  • Las Gallinas 


The Las Gallinas mini-park is located near Miller Creek Middle School, at the entrance to the multi-purpose trail linking Las Gallinas to Miller Creek Road. There is a small park and a playground used by younger residents. The playground is partly fenced in, but there are no toilets open. 


  • Creekside


Beautiful Creekside Park is situated on Creekside Drive in Lucas Valley Estates and consists of a tennis court, an indoor playground and a larger playground for older children. There are a few picnic tables under the pergola, but there are no toilets on site.


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