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Lucas Valley-Marinwood is a Census Designated Place (CDP) in Marin County, California, USA. It covers the Lucas Valley and Marinwood communities. The population was 6,094 as of the 2010 census. Lucas Valley is a valley in Marin County, California, drained east of San Pablo Bay by Miller Creek, as well as an unincorporated valley community that is part of the Lucas Valley-Marinwood CDP.


Lucas Valley Road runs the length of the valley, connecting it to Gallinas Valley to the east and Nicasio Valley to the west. In addition, according to the United States Geological Survey, suburban developments along Miller Creek area in the Gallinas Valley. Lucas Valley was named after John Lucas, 19th-century rancher and nephew of Timothy Murphy. The suburbs came to Marinwood in the 1950s and 1960s. It was partially carried to the hands of the modernist builder/developer Joseph Eichler. The highly recognizable and trendy homes can be found throughout the Lucas Valley and Eastern Marinwood. The Lucas Valley community center and pool were also built by Eichler as the centerpiece of the neighborhood.


The Subdivisions and Developments


Marinwood's original subdivision consisted of streets north of Miller Creek Road and featured a blend of suburban single-story ranch-style homes and two-story Cape Cod-inspired homes. The streets were numbered so that all the names ended up in' stone.' Alphabetical orders include Adobestone, Blackstone, Cobblestone, Deep stone, Emerystone, Flagstone, Heatherstone, Johnstone, Millstone, Opalstone, Peachstone, Rhinestone, Unionstone, Windstone.


The region that became known as the Lower Lucas Valley was a later development. This model featured the Eichler theme of the house, as opposed to the Marinwood combination. The streets of the lower Lucas Valley were designated so that all their names ended up in berry. The streets are in alphabetical order: Appleberry, Blackberry, Cedarberry, Danberry, Elderberry, Flaxberry, Greenberry, Huckleberry, Idylberry, Juniperberry, Kernberry, Loganberry, Mulberry, Newberry.


The final construction was the area up the valley to the west, known as the Upper Lucas Valley, and also the Eichler-style houses. The streets of this town are all named after famous mountains such as Mt Shasta, Mt Rainier, Mt Whitney, etc. In 1977, George Lucas purchased 1,267 acres west of Marinwood, which he then remodeled into the Skywalker Ranch. Geographically, the Skywalker Ranch is located on the western side of the Big Rock Range, not part of the Lucas Valley-Marinwood CDP.

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Lucas Valley-Marinwood, California
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