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One of Marin's best birding spots. The easy walk is always worth it. The birds too are always super cute to look at. They are always doing something funny or interacting with other birds and it is fun to watch.


Galore birders. It's usually fine not beautiful but simple flat paths and parking. Excellent spot for stretching your legs, seeing some sky and perhaps some water birds.


Nature, it's just incredible all the wildlife you see as you walk around the different ponds. The amount of different beautiful birds you can come across is crazy. They are all out of this world.  


Amazing bike trails for kids, amazingly beautiful. Great place to sit down and enjoy birding for anyone.


The walk here is always pleasant. Seeing all the gorgeous birds makes it all worth it. This a great place to come with a significant other or even family to just sit and enjoy the different types of birds.


Great area in San Rafael. This place is nature at its best. This place is incredible. The views and animals are breathtaking. The view varies in beauty as the sun sets and gets more amazing the darker it gets. Once it gets dark you now you witnessed something special and it’s time to go home.  


Amazing place to visit if you love birds and nature. The people who visit here are always nice and don’t disturb the peace. When the sun is setting the view goes from good to great. This is one of the best places to visit in San Rafael.

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