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Amazing children's park! Even for events and parties.


Children's quiet sweet playground.


Jungle gym is all ropes so it can be a little too advanced for some kids. Most will be able to play on it and in case they are unable when they get older they will be able to climb. The portion of the water park is what most are looking for and is endlessly fun for everyone.


Many kids love this place for a lot of great reasons. Many of the people who attend this park were once kids and are coming back now that they have their own kids. It is the beautiful circle of life. Good times, good times.


Great place to take your children with you. It's also a way to meet your neighbors! There is a lot to do at this park from socializing to playing in the water area with your kids.


This is a good place for children and a great place in summer. They've got a lot of big toys to play.


The play structure they have is amazing for little ones. There is a big net for them play safely on and enjoy themselves while you socialize with other San Rafael natives.


The park itself is always kept clean and is a great place to come with family. It is also a great place to go on runs with a dog and interact with others.


Overall, this is an extraordinary park! It offers a lot while still being in a nice concise area.  

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