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The Canal Area consists of two areas in San Rafael, California, known by the city as "Canal Waterfront" and "Canal." The Canal Area is bounded on the east by San Francisco Bay, on the north by the San Rafael Canal and on the south and west by Highways 101 and I-580 and by the San Quentin Range. 


Land use is divided almost equally between residential and non-residential uses. The Canal Area provides a substantial portion of low-income housing in Marin County, one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, along with Marin City. It is also the site of transport and waste management facilities serving the county of Marin and North Bay.


Most of San Rafael's low-income families, along with many well-to-do residents, live in the Canal District. There is at least one question about renting boat slips that people can legally stay on board. The more affluent residents live in houses built right on the canal in the 1960s and two housing developments in the eastern part of the canal's residential area: Baypoint Lagoons and Spinnaker Point

  • Housing Developments 


Several real estate agents refer to these two projects as being in "East San Rafael" to avoid immigrants from a variety of countries primarily populate the stigma of the term "Canal Area" Low-income households. Seventy percent of the population is Hispanic, 11 percent Asian, 10 percent White, 5 percent African-American, and 4 percent other ethnic groups. This area is similar to East Palo Alto in that it provides a place for workers holding low-income jobs that are essential to the functioning of the community to live close to their place of employment.


Between the newest housing developments and the Bay, there is a paved road named Shoreline Park, a scenic spot for a stroll or a bike ride. Along with the bike path maintained by the Spinnaker Point Homeowners Association, which borders the western side of the square, Shoreline Park is a square 0.25 miles long and 0.25 miles wide. 


  • Accessible Parks


The best way to visit Shoreline Park is to enter Pickleweed Park, then walk east along the north side of the square. Pickleweed Park is home to a large community center, a soccer field, and a playground. There are many dozens, maybe hundreds, of restaurants, shops, offices, and other commercial operations in the West and South of the city. The Country Club Bowl, the only remaining bowling center in Marin County, is located here.


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Canal Area, San Rafael, California
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